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I think courses that have very challenging sets of tees should discourage players from playing from these tees unless they can prove their ability level. The tips at my course are 142 and on the card they only recommend players at 4.5 or below should play from here. I think unless a current index could be shown then an additional charge could be added for the potential slower play.
I would say if some of you find yourself getting annoyed on the practice green, I would dare say your mind is not right for the course. Most of the time especially on my friday group nobody even cares about walking on someones line cause this is just the warm up practice area to get your "feel" going not trying to make everything.Most golfers don't undrstand the practice green gets more foot dents in your line than any green on the course.
I swear I think it would make me feel like I was lining everything up to the left with that stripe across it. I think it's gonna cause some real visual issues for some players and that will cause sales to be weak.
Q stars are good all around golf balls, durable, fly straight and far and have reasonable feel.
First tee provides clubs
 I guess calling it a minor thing was not the best descrirtion, but what I was referring is I see most people think changing their grip on the club is all the sdjustments needed to straighten out their swing. I have been playing over 25 years and have changed my grip a total of 2 times, I just think you need to pick one and stick with it. Basic fundamentals aim,stance posture, GRIP,start,backswing,downswing, club selection etc. Grrip is a fundamental in the sense you want...
 Nice score then, like another said the srixon qstars are a good ball as well you may want to check them out also I tried a dozen out and was impressed with it's durability,distance, and feel.
Did you know there is a tree that uses every vowell in it's name? Did you know there is a state with a pacific shoreline and a state with an atlantic shoreline that are only 1 hour/timezone apart? Sequoia, Oregon, Florida,
Norman needs a muzzle
In fact I just had 1 today, I just started out taking easy swings with my 58* and noticed I was shanking the darn thing and then thin and some fat ones as well probably cause I was trying to stop shanking, anyways I was just getting more and more angry till I decided to just leave since I knew things were not going to get any better. I went home and had something to eat and then decided to look upon the net for shanking cures and behold I found out I was taking the club...
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