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Actually its Dunlop that makes the double TI
Does Maxfli still make that double Ti ball? I remember those balls going really far.
I can see why kids would but for adults it can only be monetary value.
what a difference a day can make... or some needed practice on the putting green shot 79 and won a little money at my mens club friday gathering. I have a 7.6 index but my course handicap is 10.
In the code of conduct section of the handout to fans at the open it said no autographs at all. In reality this was not abided by so well by players or fans but I think practice rounds would be the more appropriate time to bend the rules some. We went on wednesday and my daughter was able to get about 20 or so and the only player who wasn't very cooperative to autographs was Sergio Garcia, sure he did some but it was very little like he had a pre determined amount and a...
This Aimpoint method definitely has my curiosity, I was wondering if anyone could elaborate how you determine the ZBL. I understand it has to do with the way you see the cup basically it is even on both sides and top and bottom are on a plumb line right? I was just wondering the actual technique or is it acquired through training your eyes.
LOL we have one of those roads at my course too however theres a mountain exactly opposite the road so maybe everything breaks away from the mountain and not really towards the road?
Heres mine   http://www.roddyranch.com/
86... getting really tired of leaving strokes on the green but that's where it's happening even a 4 putt. The greens at my home course are probably the most difficult in the area including private clubs so I just keep telling myself to be patient I think maybe a round or two somewhere else may reaffirm my confidence a bit because I just can't make anything beyond 10 feet and I know my index is gonna go up some on the 15th but that's okay I probably need the extra stroke.
About 10 years ago we had a heat wave and me and my buddy were the only ones on the course, it was 116.
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