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I'm going to the golf expo tomorrow where I live and maybe they will have these on display.
Well if you could tell I was using the voice option on my phone then maybe it would make sense to you.
That's fine if your not comfortable, I just think others are just spouting sour cuz they'r e guy didn't win
Sounds like some here want some sort of litmus test implemented prior to being able to vote....why stop there though, lets just go all the way back when land owners were the only ones allowed to vote, it seems that a certain portion of the population feel slighted cause the president ran a better more sophisticated campaign by targeting speicific demographics in battleground states and it proved a good strategy.Now I can just hear them screaming for the electoral college...
Let your left hand feel as if its pulling your left shoulder around your torso, this is what I do and it seems to keep that arm more straight and of course increases the power we all want.
 Tiger was a +9.7 at his club Isleworth in 2001, I would imagine +4 or +5 would be the starting point.As far as american handicaps are concerned though I play on tees that slope 135 to 139 and have 9 rounds of 79 or less and stick to the rules but I see the argument about tournament scores should only be considered. I think we have a tournament score section when posting and understand why this would be a more accurate way of determining a true handicap since it would...
Just use impact tape
77 (72.5/135) 38 front 39 back 3 birdies should have me right at 75 most days but two doubles took care of that.....ooh well! My index is gonna drop again but probably the last time this year, im expecting 4.3 on the 15th.
The primary benifit of the Pro V balls is feel, I see plenty of players with slower swing speeds use them cause they are the best when it comes to feel around the greens.
par 72 rate 72.5 slope 135 Once again another 79, front 39 back 40. Had 2 doubles on front but were able to fix most of it with birdies on following holes. I'm still struggling with a lot of mechanics issues with my swing right now but I'm hitting good shots that are way better than my previous good shots like lipping out from 150 or nearly destroying the cup from 185 on another hole, I think next year is going to be very interesting if I can get as much golf time as I...
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