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I play alongside scratch and even up to +5 players from time to time at my home course. One thing I can say about scratch and plus handicap players is they rarely let a bogey or even a double bogey faze them during a round and this is because they know they have the ability to recover those lost shots very quickly with a streak of 3 or 4 birdies in a row and this in turn reinforces mental toughness. Being at 4.7 has been an uphill climb since starting at 8.7 this past...
I heard x20's are the most forgiving, Adams os are worth a look also imo.
I would rather see kids sneaking on golf courses playing golf rather than a lot of other things kids do, before the first tee this may have been the only way kids were able to get on golf courses.
Yep I think that's what he's saying, and I do think its acceptable under the rules.
Why would anyone want to "hit" their irons? Sounds like it would hurt your hand. I would rather swing my irons correctly and that usually requires some help from a good teacher. Get some lessons...... why bother asking people over the internet unless you just want to vent.
Par 72 rate 73.4 slope 139 Shot another 79 wich of course is good news by itself but also my index will likely be below 5 after revision( I think 4.7 or 4.8). This was my goal for this year, I started at an 8.7 in april and it looks like I'm gonna wind up 4 strokes better, next year I would like to get below 3.
I almost feel like I have a vanity cap because I try so damn hard, I was just grinding like hell to finish at 79 yesterday but also feel if I don't treat normal rounds that way then how will I be prepared for actual tournament play?
 The position of the feet scream "over the top". Oh well let the guy dream, there is however no way possible a swing like that can work on uneven lies just can't.
Shoulders are pointing well left at address.
Unless there are white stakes marking a OB line between the fairways then no. Also check the scorecard from this course for any local rules.
New Posts  All Forums: