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Q stars fly straight and hold greens okay, for players trying to push into 5 or below index territory this probably isn't the best all around ball but could still probably perform well enough.
Just make that final putt on 18 for a 79 and you got it.
Who says $499.00 for a reliable laser? Bushnell pro v2's can be purchased for $299.00 at golfsmith and they are the same thing the big boys use.
Why don't you just get a new shaft and move on, I have heard multiple times that proper shaft matching can be the most beneficial thing when building a driver.
A 2 hybrid is more like 17*, at least that's what mine is and I rip that baby long right into the wind piercing.
Powerbuilr citations musclebacks will separate the men from the boys.
Watch shoulder alignment on more forward ball positions, your right hand is on top of the grip and that's why I say that , feel like your pushing the club back with your left hand and the clubhead should follow, your not turning your body as much as you should on the backswing. I'm not a pro so take it with a large grain but that's at least what I think I see.
 Handicap is a system that allows players of all abilities to compete under certain rules and the lower your number the better the player is.To obtain a 1 handicap usually takes years of practice and a reasonable amount of athleticism, players are usually proud of themselves if they reach this type of proficiency at golf.
I remember seeing Payne Stewart at a practice round during the 87' us open not wearing knickers and I didn't recognize him until he was much closer, some of the color schemes were a little wild but some looked good, I think the chicago bears look was a good one as was the patriots and this from a raiders fan.
Probably when you either stop raising up or squating during your backswing is when thin and fat shots become less frequent. This by far is the most common reason but may or may not be yours, go somewhere that you can get a reflection of yourself swinging a club and watch how much up and down movement you have during your swing and work on eliminating as much as possible, however try to resist making yourself too ridgid to avoid this just try and keep yourself a steady...
New Posts  All Forums: