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Mclee your a fast learner, already a 1 handicap and brand new, I'm more than impressed. Just kidding though but that's an awesome goal to start with, welcome to the wonderful and sometimes cynical world of golf nuts.
 That is why I use a laser rangefinder
Got the bushnell v2 with slope for $299.00 at golfsmith (patriot pack).
I think I would go the extra mile and find out who owns this course and let them know what went down.
More than likely your casting, go get a lesson.
California............need I say more?
 I agree possible but unlikely, personally my goal this season is to get below 5, right now I'm almost there and feel I'm in pretty good position( most of my lowest rounds have happened in the past ten) to get there as long as I can get a few more good scores posted in the next couple months. I have been playing for more than 25 years and have probably hovered right at 10 or below during that time but now I'm able to take most of the summer off for 4 months or so and...
Maybe but your slope rating at 137 is still fairly high and if I remember these tees are about 500 yards shorter, I just can't believe completely that my index would go down playing from 7000+ tees and a 142 slope there is like 3 holes that are close to a stroke harder from these tees versus the next ones up.
Don't do lessons weekly that is a waste of money every 2 weeks is enough time for you to digest what your being taught. I would try and book a few single llessons with 3 different pros and then pick the one you feel like you "connect" with the best this is real important. I know it sounds like your spending a little bit of money on this but in the long run it will save money and make your improvement more rapid.
81 front 38 back 43 par 72 rate 73.4 slope 137 Played a solid front side and then got on that bogey train on the back and just couldn't get off it until I birdied the 14th hole for the first time in 50+ rounds!!!!Anyways more importantly I took my first lesson in about 20 years and wow what a difference a trained eye was able to find and fix in just 1 day. I know I still have to hit a few thousand more balls before I fully reap some of the benifits but I can already tell...
New Posts  All Forums: