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I might be interested in driving down and giving it a shot, depending on when it will be.  Can't do May 31-Jun 20 though :(
 I might actually pay to see you dressed up as Barney out on the course.  That may be a good look!
Haha I messed that up. I hate quoting on mobile.
I am not wrong. First, last I checked there are more private schools than just catholic. Secondly, I guarantee you that I could find at least 5 cchristian private schools in Knoxville that do not teach Big Bang.
I am in agreeance that it is definitely a parenting issue. however I was simply stating that private school is the way to go if a parent did not want their children to be taught things like the Big Bang Theory.
 Yes, I understand the issue with the First Amendment.  Unfortunately, you are right and it isn't legal, as least with the way people protest it today.  I suppose it doesn't matter that it was taught for years before, lol.  But yes, I suppose the answer to parents wanting their children to learn about creationism is to send them to private school.
 That is the problem.  They don't leave out Big Bang for balance.  If you want to teach Big Bang, then you need to discuss other possible reasoning as well.  I simply was talking about the Big Bang Theory, not evolution. I also have no problem with students being taught the world views of other religions as well as long as they are presented fairly.  I think it is important for students to understand the many different world views around and how other cultures think of...
 That is what I think is the problem though.  Whether people like it or not a large population of the country and world believe in religion.  A person who believes in religion shouldn't have to listen to their teach tell them that their beliefs are wrong and that creationism doesn't exist as if it is a fact. Conversely, a person who doesn't believe in God shouldn't have to listen to a teach talk about creationism and religion as if it is fact. Discuss both and let...
 That is the problem.  A theory isn't something that can necessarily be proven, it just means it hasn't been disproven through scientific experiment.  The things you mentioned above are theories simply because they they are the most scientific and elaborate ways to prove them that have not yet been debunked by scientific experimentation. In similar fashion, that is how most ardent believers of faith view things.  Nobody has truly disproven anything taught in the Bible. ...
Yes, we have one of these in Knoxville.  On the other side of town from me so I haven't joined but it seems like a great place.   http://www.fairwaysandgreens.org/
New Posts  All Forums: