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my bro,shanked his shot then threw his driver into the canal near bye,never could understand getting so angry to do such a thing,its only a game after all
Even if i was scratch i'm still going for it,and i'll blame myself for the consequences,i dont go for it because i'm a high handicap so cannot think strategy,i go for it because i believe i can pull it off,,i was playing in the 1990s so ive been around the block......lol.....i must be a bandit {H/C}
  same here
self explanatary
I go for it 100% of the time,if i'm short its just a pitch anyway,if theres bunkers then good,i love landing in them.j/k,i just go for it whatever the situation and it usually never comes good
SW,for obvious reasons,quite suprised 4i beats it as the least liked club,i'd rather a 4i over a bunker shot
The hitler,never heard that before,funny,
golf distance calculator states off their 5 iron shots there averaging 300 yd drives,and one lad is averaging 340 yd {better than bubba watson} drives,i do not wish to continue such futile an argument
Davis love a huge hitter hits his 5 iron 185 yds,the pro/moderator hits his the same,then we have 2 and 3 handicappers stating 175 yds for their 5 iron shots,then we have mid - high handicappers outblasting both love,the pro/moderator and the nigh on scratch golfers........i'd be an idiot to believe that is true
I dont hit 50 out 50 great shots with a 1 iron,maybe i gave that impression??,i dont hit any club at such a percentage,i'm sure most of the low H/C on here would be able to hit the 1iron good,even if they have never tried it
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