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work for Metro Gov. Nashville, IT dept.  will Retire November this year...thank goodness! Jon in Nashville
Jamo, I can see your point here. 
I was refering to using 3-6 hybrid;s that progress to iron's, and move off of the full  high irons. My reason- I am 6 months past having 5 bypasses done, and ready to get to it. I am still strong and have a full ok from the doctors, so its ok to start again. I am thinking about the loss of power and the 12 handy cap may change.  So far the swing feel's ok, but I am slower I think,  which for me is probly a good thing, so this is the reason for the question.  I...
so far, for me it is a tie. History will prove it, and I'll probly be dead by then.   lol....
Metro City, IT department, home after hospital stay, for right now
worth your time?  or not so much?  was thinking about trying a set to see. thanks, Dutch in Nashville
The Meadow's clubs are a good buy in that they are good quality and they do right by you at purchase. The club fit they used is a generic on-line fit, based on hight, age, your personal judgement of your speed etc.  What I mean here is, I always thought I was a 70-80 swing speed, until I went to a pro shop and fond up it was not true, as well as some other things about my swing. So my point is be carefull, and honest about your self also.   The Clubs are good clubs,...
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