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38-44. I was 1 over through 12 holes and bam the wheels fell off. Finished with a triple bogey, very discouraging, when it could have been a great score. Oh well, need to keep improving.    My shots inside 100 yards were awful. A couple bad drives that cost me. Again ball striking is essential. When I hit the GIR and in a good spot on the green I'm in good shape. 
To make sure I am starting the ball on the correct line I have been lining up my putter from behind the ball first. I have been doing this on the course also. 
Can you explain what you mean by back pain? The reason I ask is because I did evolvr for about 4 months but decided to stop for now, because I live in Nebraska and I know what I need to work on, but I experienced some back pain while working on my swing changes. How does your back feel now? And congrats on the hard work!
Without a doubt it's GIR. To be more specific most of the time I either do not get in a great position with my drive OR I hit a good drive but screw up my second shot somehow. If I do hit two good shots in a row, then I almost always par or birdie. If I could get more consistent with two good shots to start each hole that would really help a lot of stuff. 
3 birdies in a row for Rory. Moves to 5 under. Making it look easy. 
40-41 = 81   Finished double bogey, bogey, and bogey. Had a pretty good round going, but felt tired physically and mentally by 17. I think 16 kind of got me down because I hit my first ball out of bounds. Disappointing but got to keep working on my ball striking. I hit 6 GIR, which I need to improve. 
My mindset has completely changed due to this article. I used to just hit a lot of balls trying to be great on the range... only to get to the course and find my swing did not hold up. Now I am content to not look as pretty on the range (doing more punch shots, working on the corrects feels) but I feel more confident heading to the golf course. Hopefully the results on the course will be much more positive. 
Nicely done!
3 hybrid and 9 iron    Hybrid goes about 200 and 9 iron 135 so probably lacking in distance on a lot of holes but those two clubs are two of my most accurate clubs.
What kind of changes are you making to your swing? In other words, are they small changes like a setup change, straightening back knee, etc? Or are they big changes (swing sequencing) ? If they are big changes you probably should not take so many lessons in such a short amount of time. Time must be spent practicing short, slow swings. Read this thread for how to practice: http://thesandtrap.com/t/54840/simple-specific-slow-short-and-success-the-five-s-s-of-great-practice
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