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Course Name: Wilderness Ridge  Course Website: www.wildernessridgegolf.com/ Course Style: Long, windy, and pretty open. Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: 6518/ 72.6/132 Regular Tee Average Score: 80   Forward Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: 5097/ 71.0/122 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Aggressive Round): 76 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Conservative Round): 72
I'm pretty excited this weekend is my first competitive tournament. I have been playing golf for awhile, but never have entered a tournament. I've worked hard on my game this summer and hoping it pays off. My question for you guys that have had experience playing in tourneys, what are the main differences between tournaments compared to regular golf? What are some mistakes I should avoid as far as attitude, etc? Also how early do you like to get there? Putt first and...
First things first, make sure you are set up correctly (grip, eyeline, correct putter length, etc) See a good instructor before you waste a bunch of time practicing.   As far as drills, my favorite speed drill is called the 19 inch drill. Find two holes that are approximately 20 feet apart. Place a tee 19 inches (I put my putter head in the cup and then put the tee where my grip is on my putter)  directly behind both holes. Using 3 balls, putt from one hole to the...
Great post.
Find out what your bad habits are from a good teacher and get rid of them ASAP.
Tiger Woods -3 Ian Poulter -3 Bryce Molder -3
I wanted to share some advice I got from a player who plays on some of the mini tour's. It really stuck with me.   "Don't be so hard on yourself when you hit a bad shot. This game is very difficult. Enjoy your good shots and enjoy the progress you are making with your practice. If you don't enjoy the good shots, I don't think it's worth playing this game, because it's too hard."   Thoughts?
Fairway rough is fine, you just got to stay out of that deep grass.I would aim for middle of green most of the time unless it's a really easy pin, which usually is front middle.Swing easy but make sure you have enough club.Let me know if this helps.
1) Get in the fairway often 2) Aim for middle of green 3) Hit an extra club but swing easier.
I would look into this:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/58816/65-25-10-practice-ratios-where-to-devote-your-practice-time
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