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How do you hit a 5 iron 100 yards in the air? Slow swing and a half swing?
Thanks for the pictures, Mike! Just when I think I'm getting close lol. I may need to slow it down a bit too. 
Hey all,    Here is an update on the drill I've been working on with @sk golf :   I think I've made a lot of progress but I'm still struggling on the extension piece. My weight looks like it is getting forward but it needs to continue to get forward through the finish.    I really like my practice swings, but getting that to transfer to the drill and ultimately full swings on the course is tough. Let me know what you guys think!    
I have a hard time believing the average golfer would break 80 even with the pro's tee shot. Pros hit the ball around 300 yards and in the fairway on an average course 90 percent of the time. The typical shots for the amatuer would be around 60-100 yards to a par 4 and maybe 150-180 yards to par 5. I'm thinking the average golfer would shoot around 80-82 at best. Golf is hard. Pros make it look easy, but it is NOT. 
Yep we probably screwed up by trying to sneak by them. I'll give you that. However, we did not intentionally hit into the twosome. The ball took a twenty yard bounce forward. 
Good advice, thanks. 
The course was crowded but there was a bit of a gap, I think, after the foursome and the twosome that were playing from the back tees. They were holding everybody up because there were four groups behind us that were really bunched up. 
1) There was a slight opening, but the course was crowded because it was a nice day.  2) We did not ask but on the 10th hole we tried to sneak by. But that didn't work real well.  Finally by about the 15th hole things started moving but even on hole 16, one of my friends actually hit into them. The ball took a huge bounce, but he also hit the drive of his life. 
Hey guys,    I was playing golf yesterday and play was super slow. There was a foursome in front of us who would not let us play through. We had three players total. Every hole we were waiting around five minutes on the tee box. Then after the turn we tried to go in front of them on number 10, but one of the carts pulled right up by the tee box and would not let us play through them. They even had one of their players drop out after 9. It took everything in my power not...
Well, if I'm not mistaken, he played pretty well and was up against a stouch European team one of the matches. His partner this year in the first match did not help at all either. He played pretty well two years ago. I don't think he's a very good ryder cup player, but let's face it most of the guys on the U.S. team have not performed either. 
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