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Well, if I'm not mistaken, he played pretty well and was up against a stouch European team one of the matches. His partner this year in the first match did not help at all either. He played pretty well two years ago. I don't think he's a very good ryder cup player, but let's face it most of the guys on the U.S. team have not performed either. 
Can anyone enlighten me on what this 'pods' system is? I keep hearing about it, but must've missed the details. 
Spieth was going up against Mcdowell who I think is nearly unbeatable it seems. I don't know who we have on the U.S. team that could have beat him. Maybe Reed or Phil? My point is you can't place blame on Spieth who is a 21 year old rookie. Furyk and Mahan were disappointing, but again they both went up against world class players. 
So Watson picked Mahan, Simpson, and Bradley as captain picks. Who would have been better options? Kirk, Billy H, but the injuries to Tiger and Dufner hurt just as much as Watson's captain picks. 
Really like Jamie Donaldson's swing. 
Easy to say that. I'm not sure Phil and Keegan would have done much either. 
Some bright spots: Reed, Spieth, Walker, Fowler but overall the current veterans are not getting it done. 
Donaldson looks like a winner over Keegan, so it is pretty much over. 
Wow Stenson missed the putt!
Great shot from Reed.
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