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Wow. Sergio. Now everyone knows why he doesn't win majors. 
I meant his demeanor on the golf course, not his game. I just don't like his reaction to bad shots, sort of like Tiger. 
People seem to be writing off Jason Day, but he's hanging in there. 
I don't like Spieth at all on the course. I realize he is only 21 but man he looks dumb out there sometimes when things go bad. 
Can't overlook Adam Scott with Stevie Williams on the bag. And Zach Johnson with a bogey. 
Wow. What is going on with Spieth at 8? 
Getting close to Day's inevitable drop out of contention? Lol. He's playing right with Spieth. 
One thing to remember is guys like Z Johnson and Scott knew they had to make a run early so they came out aggressive. We'll see if they can hold on the back 9. 
Anybody know how Jason Day is doing? Why aren't they showing his shots?
Paddy is done now. 
New Posts  All Forums: