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Is there any way we can see some of the responses to what all these teaching pros said? I'm curious. 
I just wanted to share my experience so far with Evolvr.   Personally, Evolvr has been the best decision I've made with regard to my golf swing. For some reason, I like online lessons better than traditional lessons. It could be because the in-person lessons I had received were so poor, I don't know. But I know exactly what I'm working on and I know exactly what to do.   In the past, I would try one thing I read in a golf magazine online or watch a youtube video. I...
Well, I learned something new. 
Not sure if this has been discussed yet or would be possible, but it might be cool to see a reward points system. A way it could work is people earn rewards based on how they contribute to the site. So everytime a member posts they earn points, maybe if they give good feedback on a swing then they can be awarded points, etc...  Something fun also would be when a member reaches a certain level of points they would win something golf related. 
I will share a couple though, and it's all about course management.    NEVER try to make up a bad shot with a shot that you are not 100% confident in or haven't practiced to avoid the big number.    Play one shot at a time and don't add up your score till you are done.    Shake off the bad shots. Have fun.    (I wish I was super good at all these tips):)   A swing instruction tip I have received that has helped me is key #2 - weight forward at impact. 
Boom!! I agree that 98% of tips are worthless in golf.
How do you hit a 5 iron 100 yards in the air? Slow swing and a half swing?
Thanks for the pictures, Mike! Just when I think I'm getting close lol. I may need to slow it down a bit too. 
Hey all,    Here is an update on the drill I've been working on with @sk golf :   I think I've made a lot of progress but I'm still struggling on the extension piece. My weight looks like it is getting forward but it needs to continue to get forward through the finish.    I really like my practice swings, but getting that to transfer to the drill and ultimately full swings on the course is tough. Let me know what you guys think!    
I have a hard time believing the average golfer would break 80 even with the pro's tee shot. Pros hit the ball around 300 yards and in the fairway on an average course 90 percent of the time. The typical shots for the amatuer would be around 60-100 yards to a par 4 and maybe 150-180 yards to par 5. I'm thinking the average golfer would shoot around 80-82 at best. Golf is hard. Pros make it look easy, but it is NOT. 
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