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3 hybrid and 9 iron    Hybrid goes about 200 and 9 iron 135 so probably lacking in distance on a lot of holes but those two clubs are two of my most accurate clubs.
What kind of changes are you making to your swing? In other words, are they small changes like a setup change, straightening back knee, etc? Or are they big changes (swing sequencing) ? If they are big changes you probably should not take so many lessons in such a short amount of time. Time must be spent practicing short, slow swings. Read this thread for how to practice: http://thesandtrap.com/t/54840/simple-specific-slow-short-and-success-the-five-s-s-of-great-practice
Lots of good stuff going on in your swing! I would say continue working on key #1.  But also I see a couple things that could help.  1) Ball position is too far forward. When you get just prior to hitting the ball you are in pretty darn good position except the ball is 6 inches too far forward for an iron swing. 2)  From the DTL position, at P6 or shaft parallel, your right knee straightens just a little too early and goes too far to the right. If you could focus on...
I agree with everything David said. You also probably need another set of eyes to look at your swing. Hint: think about lessons from  a good instructor in your area or post a video of your swing on the myswing thread on this website. You need someone to identify your priority piece in your swing that needs to improve, so you can focus on that, instead of "tinkering" around with your swing. That won't work very well. 
Good stuff, I agree. Man I love this site. There are some great thread starters and ideas. Thanks guys! I won't be playing in any tournaments the rest of the year but I'm planning on playing in two next year. Can't wait!
In the bunker, thought for sure that when I hit it it was going way past the pin (thought it was thin) turns out the ball stops like a dime about 2 feet from the cup. Tap in par!
It is Ernie Els, Jeff Ogilvy, and Jonas Blixt. 
Played the back tees of a pretty easy public course here in Omaha. Course rating is 70.7 from the back.    40-41 = 81 (par 70).  I hit 5 Greens which is not very good, but scrambled pretty well. I also putted decent, but missed two makeable birdie putts.    I got up and down two out of three times from the sand for tap in pars which I was pretty happy about.    Need to work on the swing for sure, but it's so hard to make swing changes!
 Ha. Never thought of it like that. 
Awesome! I definitely need to remember this. 
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