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So my head is moving forward on the downswing. I will work on that. Maybe because I'm trying to push my hips forward, then my head is moving forward as well. 
@mvmac I have been doing a lot of mirror work because the weather has been a bit cold. Today was a nice day and I went and hit some balls. I got some video...    
Is there any way we can see some of the responses to what all these teaching pros said? I'm curious. 
I just wanted to share my experience so far with Evolvr.   Personally, Evolvr has been the best decision I've made with regard to my golf swing. For some reason, I like online lessons better than traditional lessons. It could be because the in-person lessons I had received were so poor, I don't know. But I know exactly what I'm working on and I know exactly what to do.   In the past, I would try one thing I read in a golf magazine online or watch a youtube video. I...
Well, I learned something new. 
Not sure if this has been discussed yet or would be possible, but it might be cool to see a reward points system. A way it could work is people earn rewards based on how they contribute to the site. So everytime a member posts they earn points, maybe if they give good feedback on a swing then they can be awarded points, etc...  Something fun also would be when a member reaches a certain level of points they would win something golf related. 
I will share a couple though, and it's all about course management.    NEVER try to make up a bad shot with a shot that you are not 100% confident in or haven't practiced to avoid the big number.    Play one shot at a time and don't add up your score till you are done.    Shake off the bad shots. Have fun.    (I wish I was super good at all these tips):)   A swing instruction tip I have received that has helped me is key #2 - weight forward at impact. 
Boom!! I agree that 98% of tips are worthless in golf.
How do you hit a 5 iron 100 yards in the air? Slow swing and a half swing?
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