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I don't think Tiger is after more $$. He knows his time is running out, and he wants to get more majors would be my guess. He's on the back nine (as Rory said) of his career and he may be on the 15th hole right now. 
It's anybody's guess. What's yours? I think people need to relax and realize it is early in the year, especially for someone who had been fighting injuries/new swing. 
It doesn't really matter, because Rory is taking over for Tiger. 
Masters - Justin Rose US Open - Matt Kuchar Open - Rory PGA - J. Spieth
So my head is moving forward on the downswing. I will work on that. Maybe because I'm trying to push my hips forward, then my head is moving forward as well. 
@mvmac I have been doing a lot of mirror work because the weather has been a bit cold. Today was a nice day and I went and hit some balls. I got some video...    
Is there any way we can see some of the responses to what all these teaching pros said? I'm curious. 
I just wanted to share my experience so far with Evolvr.   Personally, Evolvr has been the best decision I've made with regard to my golf swing. For some reason, I like online lessons better than traditional lessons. It could be because the in-person lessons I had received were so poor, I don't know. But I know exactly what I'm working on and I know exactly what to do.   In the past, I would try one thing I read in a golf magazine online or watch a youtube video. I...
Well, I learned something new. 
Not sure if this has been discussed yet or would be possible, but it might be cool to see a reward points system. A way it could work is people earn rewards based on how they contribute to the site. So everytime a member posts they earn points, maybe if they give good feedback on a swing then they can be awarded points, etc...  Something fun also would be when a member reaches a certain level of points they would win something golf related. 
New Posts  All Forums: