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Tiger looks very solid. 
What were Tiger's odds going into today? It's too late to pick him now but just curious. 
Now -6!
I agree. It does seem like that injury set him back. Now with 1 major, if he keeps working hard he could be like Rory with four majors really soon. 
How about something in between, like the Masters? That's what I prefer. Hard courses, but not that hard. I think a good final score is about -10. 
I disagree. Becoming world number 1 is a massive achievement. He also said in the interview becoming world number 1 was a personal goal. Yes he would rather have the major, but I would think the Open Championship was more gut wrenching for Spieth than this one.
He did not appear to be in the postgame interview. He just became world number 1. I don't think he's too upset. 
Players to finish 4th or better in all 4 majors in a year   Jordan Spieth in 2015   Tiger Woods in 2005   Jack Nicklaus in 1973.   -Justin Ray GC
And the amazing thing is being classy is more important than their skill level. Jason Day is also classy. Tiger... well I don't know. 
Jordan to Jason Day: "Nice putt." Pretty cool. 
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