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If I was the number one player in the world and getting ready for one of the biggest tournaments of the year I don't think I would play in a competitve soccer game. I don't know how competitive they got, but I would limit myself to just kicking the ball back and forth with friends. 
I don't. DJ can't make putts under pressure it seems. 
Dumb by Rory. Jordan Spieth's path to winning the grand slam got a bit easier. 
Obvioulsy these have already been mentioned but I think it is primarily the cost and time to play golf.  I am 25 years old and most of my friends do not golf very seriously. Oh sure they may play once or twice a summer or go to the driving range for fun, but they do not golf on a regular basis. Most of my friends have student loans and do not have the money to golf for that reason alone. I think my generation is finding other activites to do outside that are fun and...
Tough call. I mean did anyone predict 5 years ago that Tiger would be stuck on 14 majors? As far as Rory or Spieth, both are mature for their age, both have all the tools. I have to go with Spieth just because he is younger and should have more chances. 
It will probably hit DJ when he wakes up tomorrow.   AND WOW did I just hear a fan say, "You got lucky he missed the putt???"
I think Spieth will win the Open Championship also. 
Hope DJ makes this would be a great story from where he's come from.
I'm thinking playoff -5 DJ and Spieth
Grace may be able to make a bogey.
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