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88. Started off with a birdie on the first hole and then was a struggle after that. I hit some good shots, but did not score well. Need to work on the putting aspect the rest of the week before I play again next week. 
Jason Dufner, yes, even with the waggle. 
I played one of the city courses today. Slope was 123 and rating 71.   I shot 44-40 for an 84. That is 12 over par.    I was 9 over through five holes. I was actually really happy with an 84 after how I started. I found something in my swing and I hope to play better tomorrow. I will update tomorrow. 
I'm young, so obviously I'm picking pros that are alive.   1) Tiger Woods 2) Rory 3) Jason Dufner (only because his wife might come along :)) 4) Me: getting outdriven by 150 yards every time, maybe Rory will hit one of my drives lol. 
Update two weeks later: The drill is getting a lot easier and I am starting to take some faster swings with more distance! I would love to know how many times I have done this drill - I bet it's well over 400 reps. This video by Dana Dahlquist with one of his students is very similar to what I'm doing.   
Looks like "dire" weather coming tomorrow at Royal Liverpool. Phil out early, but Tiger is going off 10 tee at the same time as Rory goes off number 1??   http://www.pgatour.com/content/pgatour/news/2014/07/18/dire-weather-forecast-creates-two-tee-start-saturday.html
Rory and DJ could have had the worst putter on Tour putting for them today and still probably would have shot 66 or 67.
Kind of disagree. A winner on the web.com tour WILL make cuts on the PGA tour, not just "probably." For example, Jonas Blixt, was on the web.com tour for three years I believe. He did fairly well but never won an event on the Web.com tour. However, he has won a PGA tour event and placed T2 at this years masters. He was 4th at the PGA championship last year. My point is that the players who have graduated from the Web Tour can definitely do well on the PGA tour.
One of the reasons that the Open is one of my favorite majors is the TV coverage. The Masters is great, but TV coverage is short. 
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