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That's all!? Couple range sessions and you're cured.
Sure, shorts no problem. Especially because they still look stylish. They don't look like dirt bags out there.    Remember the worst shorts in sports?  
Definitely driver. If you're in the fairway, and you hit your irons well. You're looking at birdie or par putts all day. If you're not in the fairway, then you're looking at bogeys, doubles, and more all day.... no matter how well you putt.
Wow! The real question is- what type of grass are you smoking?This post is the most delusional thing I've ever read here or anywhere.I sure hope Tiger reads it, and takes all of your swing advice to heart. And of course to change his putter- you dont like it. What planet did you say you're from again?I'm also so glad that you told us previously that when Tiger ISN'T in the field, that you root for Rory. UNLESS Phil is in the field with Rory, then you're 50-50 there. BUT,...
i understand you disagree with his opinions. I do, with many on his list as well.   But what is unethical? And why boycott golf channel?
  Worst Captain in Ryder Cup history.
And lastly, for tonight, how can Davis play Tiger last? I still don't get that?   Arguably the greatest player ever, one of the great singles match players ever. You know their best are going early, how can Davis NOT play him top 4???   This could be Davis's biggest mistake, he made tons! I'm disgusted.   And Couples will be the same exact Captain if he is chosen. No guts, nice guy... Where are the leaders, with balls!?   Put Tiger as Captain, and...
Quote from Davis Love today:   "I guarantee Tiger Woods didn’t want to sit out. There was a lot of guys on our team that said, ‘Do not take Keegan and Phil out.’ But if you make them go play when they don’t want to play, they’re probably not going to play well.”   That is not a leader or a captain. You think Nicklaus or the like would accept that from a player?? They would say... "you guys are unbeatable, go get some rest, we need you this afternoon." End of...
  How many times do I have to say....WATCH THE PRESS CONFERENCE. Man. Davis was clearly indicating he wanted to play Phil and Keegan... "but some guys didn't want to play" Phil is an egotistical a**. AND Davis is the worst Captain of all-time.
  Thats why Davis is such a bad Captain. You don't decide on Thursday the matches for both Friday and Saturday.  You adjust on how guys are playing...   Maybe he did make a change and sat Tiger and Stricker for Sat PM matches.  But if you make that move, you replace them with the hottest 2some, perhaps ever, on the American side. They blew out all comers!
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