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 So to that point, my old driver was a Ping i15 with an x flex Axiv shaft and I would bomb that thing too but I would have to go after it to get the same distance I'm getting with the RBZ with a much smoother swing.  My tempo isn't different but the swing is much smoother and the ball carries more while rolling out like it did with the i15. 
Thanks for the reply! I truly feel a lot better. For the record, I played a round after the adjustment and when I finally hit it clean, it just went high and long (but never ballooned) and the guys I played with consistently said, "Ddddaaaammmmnnnn!!!"
For the record, there are actually four types of heads for the RBZ.   Regular Regular Tour TP TP Tour   To my knowledge, the "Tour" versions offer deeper faces while the TP has the upgraded shaft and more muted feel/sound.  The TP Tour has the deep face and muted sound while the TP non-tour has a slight shallower face but still muted sound.  Hope this helps a little.
AL--Ross Bridge or The Judge (both RTJ Trail courses) CA--Torrey Pines GA--Sea Island (I think that's the name) FL--Just about any of the Disney courses MA--Granite Links (just south of Boston) MS--Dancing Rabbit OR--Bandon or Pacific Dunes
I just found out about this website and this is my first post here so don't bash me for not searching.  I was wondering if any of you RBZ driver owners tinker with your adjustable heads and if you've ever heard a "clicking" or "ticking" sound in the shaft after you've tightened the screw.  Let me try to explain.   I adjusted my 9* RBZ TP Tour head today for the first time to make it a higher loft.  To my surprise, the grip was turned (had to realize I just basically...
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