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 LMAO! I shit myself reading this. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh..........
As others have indicated, let the faster players through if no one is in front of you or you're not keeping pace.   If you're feeling compelled to speed up or are getting nervous/annoyed with them waiting for you to hit then you already know your answer.
Wow; I can't believe that. The guy seemed ageless to me.   He was a great golfer, announcer and had so much wisdom on and off the course.   Ken, you will be missed.
Great breakdown guys.   Is the bad lag a product of not really shifting the weight well (referring to video #1 in the original post)? Does the lead shoulder rise up because of that poor weight shift and the left leg straightening? Am I overanalyzing it and should just focus on trailing elbow?   I'm still fighting this issue (clubhead speed throwaway or possibly mild flip) and this seems like some great stuff to work on.
  iHack has your fault nailed OP.   You're releasing early and loosing power. I have exactly the same problem and my distances with the longer irons is about the same. Do like he's telling you and try to increase your lag.   Good luck. Great posts iHack. Props given.
I wonder how many gloves O.J. goes through in a round?
  Wow..........2-3 gloves PER round? So besides dropping the greens fees, food, etc.....you're also dropping anywhere from $20-30?   If I were you, I'd check your grip and/or grip pressure. If it's either is off that might explain why you're burning through them. That or you need to buy a better glove (maybe .5 size bigger?).   That's insane.   IRT topic: I golfed for years without one but now that I live in Georgia it's too hot to go without; especially walking.
Just buy the AAAAA off of Ebay and try to find ones that say 'no water balls'.
  I'm still struggling with that very thing. The OP has probably got something similar happening.   A way to see is impact tape on the sole of the club and strike a board with a swing. Most likely you'll find (as I did) that the tape will have a mark in the center to the trailing edge.   Either we hang back and don't have a proper weight shift or possibly our trailing shoulder is dropping severely. We also could also be getting the club stuck behind us and in an effort to...
Assuming he completely learns the rules or finds a caddy to know them AND he doesn't have some idiot rules official telling him not to worry then I think he wins a couple more but falls short of the record.
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