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Augusta National just got a reprieve with that Playoff and the finish.   It took the Tiger story to page 6 with the Obituaries.   Great tourney and the only downside to Sunday afternoon was Jason Day choking slightly to miss the playoff. Still, fantastic!
  Why break the flagstick?
I can't believe Angel C. went for it on the 13th. I still think he may win but that was a brain-fart and a half.
Don't get me wrong; I'd love to be there right now but imagine spending thousands for those tickets and getting rained on with the temps in the low 60s.   I saw a pair of tickets for all 4 rounds go on Ebay for $16,000+. At least there was free shipping on them though.
Fantastic start to Sunday; going to be a wild finish. I'm stoked.   How about Langer..................great start but coming back to Earth now.
  Level response by first telling me I have blinders on? You threw the first rock pal. Take it like you give it.   Go back and reread your own post. You stated "As the officials saw it during life play, it was the correct spot."  Again, telling me I need to work on comprehending such statements as 'life play'? Lulz at the hypocrisy.   Back to the debate; no, it wasn't the correct spot. Had it been the correct spot, again we wouldn't be debating this.   It was a drop at an...
  If it was the correct spot, then why the 2 stroke penalty?   I'd rather have blinders on than kneepads; i.e. TW infatuation.
  If he chose one of 'those correct' spots, we wouldn't be having this discussion.   He chose a spot that adjust the shot he just hit to gain an advantage............period.     Agreed.   Regardless of where Tiger finishes this year, people for and against the decision will take issue with it. Those ardent Tiger supporters will say (if Tiger loses) that Tiger was robbed. Those 'haters' (and count those people who think rules are rules so he shouldn't be playing) will put...
Faldo and Nantz were just discussing this and Faldo made the statement that by Tiger's own words it became clear to the Rules Committee that he sought to gain an advantage with his drop.   Like I said, if you think Tiger should still be playing then you're a Tiger fan and not a fan of the game.
  In his own words, he purposely dropped it wrong to give him a better shot.   Not an oversight and certainly not honest.
New Posts  All Forums: