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  Would that account for that much difference in alignment between hips and shoulders? Maybe I'm just overanalyzing it but the OP's hips and shoulders look nowhere close to each other.
Sorry to hear that man.   Looking on the bright side, you're a 36 handicap and this happened BEFORE you started the lessons. Get through your rehab then you'll be set to practice what you learn in the lessons.
I think 'lining up the shaft' is relating to your lead shoulder down to the clubhead. It should occur just after impact meaning that the clubhead should bottom out just after you hit the ball.   At least that's what I got from his statement and agree with it.
When I pull my short irons it's almost always that my alignment with my shoulders or hips are open.   To help your setup, develop a routine that no matter what, you stick to. For me, I mimick Jack Nicklaus and align the clubface to a spot a few feet on my target line then align myself parallel to it. It helps me consistently put the ball position where I need it and keep my hips and shoulders square.   Good luck.
I don't want to appear out of line but iacas, doesn't his alignment with the driver seem off?   His shoulders appear either square or slightly open but his hips and feet seem aligned a bit to the right. For his PW, it seems right on but the driver seems off.
I too, have been working on putting consistency after a round where I opened up with a 41 (had a triple and double) then hit the first 5 greens in reg on the back nine but three putted them all. It of course ruined my mental game and I managed to only hit one more green that round and three putted it as well.   The one thing I found was that I wasn't maintaining constant grip pressure throughout the stroke and also had a little hip movement. I've been practicing on...
  This.   I also would add I want to see if a pro is totally off his game that day. I'm not saying I want to see bad golf but show everything.   As you said, not just the guys in contention.
I've been struggling lately with the putter and think I've found the culprit. In an attempt at maintaining a light grip pressure on the putter throughout my stroke, I've developed a habit of inconsistent grip pressure. Once I start back, it gets lighter then on the forward stroke, I end up increasing my grip pressure which is leading to poor contact/direction.   I know the greats advocate pretending like the shaft is made of glass but I guess I'm overduing it. It...
New Posts  All Forums: