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"A fool and his money are soon parted." Golf club manufacturers' claims of added distance play on people's egos (most likely men) because they realize that we have a need to compare ourselves with others. They realize there's a percieved power with being the guy with the furthest walk down the fairway. Sure the extra yardage helps but most people aren't honest with what club/shaft is best for their game. Again; machoism. "I use the X-Stiff shaft" yet their swing speed...
I've been on the range and had guys comment on one thing or another and I've suggested they try my clubs. Very few politely decline and most seem pleasantly surprised that they can demo a different club. Unless the guy's doing a Happy Gilmore slapshot with his own clubs, sure I'll let him hit mine. I've also had total strangers approach me and ask me to hit their club or a club they got for someone to see what I think of it. I always give it a try figuring I get to demo...
I guess Tiger was using it as well. Maybe that's why he was so horny.
I'm a confrontational person so I say call them on it but tactfully.   In my usual foursome, I'm typically the one offering shots on each side and typically I take money. We play for quarters and everyone is pretty honest and occassionally you'll have a questionable score mentioned. Usually, it's cleared up with 'wow; nice bogey. I thought you were in jail' or something like that. Then that gets them counting the shots and a stroke or two is remembered.   We play...
My first set was a complete set of Dunlops from Walmart I think back in 1991.   Once I got my swingspeed up, I started having problems with the driver which had a baseplate welded on. I started having a dimple in the center of it until finally it was trashed.   I started having problems with the irons as well and bought a set of Tommy Armour 845s which I still have. Great clubs there.
I hate the mats and if that's all that available to me before a round, I'll forego fullswing work and just putt/chip off to the side.
I remember seeing a Jack Nicklaus vhs tape (Golf My Way?) where he stated he believed "you can't release the club too early so long as you move to your left side (for righties)."   Seems a little simplistic but applicable.   I focus on shifting my weight to my right side at the start of the downswing and usually I make a good/decent pass at the ball.
  He's eating out less these days and isn't hitting the 'Y' that much.
Goal for 2013 is to lower my handicap down to 5 or less.     Play smart and don't get cute. Slow down a little on chips and putts so that I quit throwing shots away.
I just switched up from ProV1s to ProV1x because I wanted less spin on the scoring clubs due to hitting near the pin only to watch it suck back a bunch.   I found the ProV1x's to be slightly longer (maybe a couple yards) on irons and about 5-10 yds longer at times with a driver. They also seems to roll more once hitting greens with mid irons and on scoring clubs did the 1 hop and check or with a little suck back. No where near what the ProV1s were.   That being...
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