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Ah...................I think I have Phil figured out.   He could win lots of tourneys but doesn't want to pay more in taxes. Those collapses we've seen over the years have all been staged. (slaps forehead)   He really should check and see if Ricolas are tax deductable.
  Learn to swing fast first then dial it back a little to control it. Learning to hit it straight first then try adding speed I would think be more difficult.
  Sound advice.   Arnold Palmer...........learn to hit it hard first then work on accuracy.
    Outstanding post.   /global warming discussion.
  From the 'Dirty Dozen' that included his transgressions during his marriage, his type was 'most things with a pulse'. I'm guessing the Perkins waitress wasn't drop dead gorgeous/hot.
  Yeah, but Vonn hasn't swung a 2 iron stinger at his head.
  Better yet; keep putting your club in the same bag.
  I wouldn't dump my 60° LW for anything. As with all your clubs, it's knowing when to use it and when not to use it.   If you have little green to work with use the LW.   If you have plenty of green to work with, use another club to get the ball on the putting surface and get it rolling. Using the same chipping stroke and just change the club. I've chipped with every iron in my bag.
  I agree with the fitting benefit.   I went into Edwin Watts here just to get my MP-59s I purchased off of Ebay checked for authenticity and lie/loft angles and they confirmed they were real as well as standard lie, loft. Then they had me swing them with impact tape, finding me hitting them towards the toe of the club. Then they checked my measurements and found I should be at +1/2" and slightly upright. Instead of dropping another $300 on reshafting/regripping them, I...
I would think if you got into a habit of watching the putter go back, you might be inclined to swivel your head at times unconsciously.   Head movement during putting doesn't sound good, does it?   Mr. Desmond's post about Stockton's tip on focusing on a spot in front of the ball is the first I've heard of that and sounds interesting. I'm inclined to think that also might cause you to have your eyes misaligned (aimed left of target line).   I think I'll stick...
New Posts  All Forums: