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This guy is the local equivalent of Donald Trump , total space cadet. He's also building a replica of the Titanic in China , who will be game enough to go on that maiden voyage? The Dinosaur at Coolum , he wants to put a couple of hundred more around the course. It's a pretty sure bet the PGA won't be at this froot loops course next year so his opinion on Tiger Woods don't mean squat .
April the 1st , April fools day. Zoom right over your head .
The launch date will be April the first. 2013 .. They sure have a sense of humour at TM.
The best way to stop this crap would be for the player to go to the c*ckhead in the crowd and front him on National TV so everyone could see the face of these loudmouth idiots , after a few exposures I'm sure the garbage would cease when friends and family could see what Tools these guys are.
And you thought The Donald was crazy , an Australian multi-millionaire recently bought the famous Coolum Golf Resort where the Australian PGA is staged    and has planted a T-Rex on the course and has plans to put another 149 more around the course.As one councillor said "it's like a scene out of Happy Gilmour where you drive down the fairway and bounce the ball off the dinosaurs tail and into the hole". The council said if he want's to turn it into a version of...
Don't you get it...Mitt , Tags , and his other kids are called Slider and Foulball.
Gamer V2...virtually straight as an arrow all day...either my swing has miraculously improved (unlikely ) or this is a miracle ball. Definitely a keeper.
The Omen Metal Core Golf Ball by OnCore Golf       Has anyone tried these ? They are supposedly up there with the Pro V type premium balls . Interesting idea anyhow.
 Mizuno cross eight D201'10 model Pearl white 1PDeep-discount; is extreme popularity! Good quality deep-discount lost ball!  [A rank lost ball (used)]   ■Mizuno cross eight D201'10 model 1P [pearl white][A rank lost ball (used)] cross-eight-new-d201Not to mention exercise use, it is the upper lost ball that you can use for a public performance. There are a few wounds, dirts, but is the beautiful article which is in a beautiful state. [lost ball (used)] It is most suitable...
Did he go back and finish his round after hospital ? , if not he's not a hard core golfer  .
New Posts  All Forums: