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Marion Jones? Clean as a whistle.
I've heard Rosie ODonnell and Ellen Degeneres have applied too, sorta split the difference.
Congrats Teamanglerx , hopefully it's all downhill to the 80s and beyond.
Just about every game ,there's not many times every thing goes your way but when it does it's a great feeling. The good games more than make up for the bad ones .Even one great shot takes the sting out of a bad round when the wheels fall off.
Ah so ! If you get the cool shirt and win a trombone with it I'm in.
+1 Footjoy .....daylight 2nd.
Mac means "son of " , Mic means you have no idea!
Does playing on perfectly manicured well watered courses in the U.S hold back American golfers. When they have to play links type golf or any course less than perfect they seem not to do well...the recent P.G.A , seven of the top ten being "foreigners" and the British Open being examples, very few travel overseas to broaden their experience to different types of courses and conditions ...yes money plays it's part in keeping them home but take them away from their comfort...
Re Robbo15afd...Michael Jones , so working at Warrior Golf you have time to spend time commenting on your companies "scam" sorry spam.
Rory   No.1   He who walks on water T11.
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