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To show how stupid credit card companies are I got a call from my card provider asking if I had spent $400 ringgits (Malaysian money) on a flight in Phuket under the name of Shaun something ,since my name is nowhere close to this I asked how this transaction went through .....the answer we don't know!....my wife got a call asking if she had spent over AU$4400 on a stereo system in Italy on her card ,  since we were in Australia at the time naturally the answer was...
Checking out the Golf.com website had me shaking my head in amazement over the coverage given to the clothes the pros will be wearing over the four days outstripping the discussion of their chances.It seems like the game has taken a backseat to the fashion industry with peacocks like Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter and others seemingly only playing to push the clothing line of their backers.....You get ad breaks through the coverage and then you get walking ads from Puma,...
1 doz. Rocketballz...will test out the hype tomorrow raingods permitting.
Golf will evolve into Golo, where you drive your cart to the ball and lean out and hit it ,saves walking those few steps to the ball , could be difficult in the bunkers but....maybe ATVs.
Go to Golfworks online and get a hard copy of their catalogue,there are hundreds of shafts in there with all the characteristics of each one laid out in simple terms .
Nearly 64 posts (not you onesome) of hot air and pontification  , flopping it out and saying mines bigger than yours ...brain that is...did anybody simply answer the OP ? Simply being the operative word!
How in the heck could you keep your mind on the game with a caddy like this? ....unless you play for the other team. 
I remember the first time I broke 100 ....and then I played the other 9. but seriously that's a great milestone ,keep up the work ethic and the 80's aren't far away.
I think we all have too much time on our hands. LOL .
Actually Samuel Clemens said it as Samuel Clemens...see I learned to read gooded too....gradeated sixth grade
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