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When I started this thread I certainly wasn't disparaging people whether through injury or bad backs or knees are using carts to keep playing a great game or temperature extremes...100+...or golfing on courses a mountain goat would have trouble on but the able bodied on a relatively flat course given a choice between cart or walking take the easy option ,golf is supposed to be a good walk spoiled not ridden over IMHO.
After posting a few photo's of Pebble Beach on another thread I got to wondering about how much I would pay for green fees....Pebble Beach $495 with cart for guests ,$360 at Spyglass .Which begs the question what's the most you have paid for a round you have played and what you would be willing to pay....my limit would be $50 but that's just my Scottish heritage kicking in.
I have found 3 in the last 6 months when people take a wedge and putter and then leave the wedge behind after finishing the hole.I pick it up and carry it in case the owner comes back looking but if they don't just drop it at the pro shop saying which hole I found it on so they can be sure of who owns it when they come looking.
Golfingdad wins a Pebble too We took this just down from the lodge .Here's a couple more.  
Golfingdad wins a Pebble too We took this just down from the lodge .Here's a couple more.  
Not Pasatiempo but I'll toss you a Pebble ! for the try .
You did not specify which type stock shaft is on your driver but it could be any number of reasons for your problem besides the shaft...teeing too high ,a spinny ball or your swing itself but I'm sure some others on this site are more qualified than me to point you in the right direction.
Congratulations on your great score.I personally ....cannot only play 9 holes,I know some people are time poor and others play twilight golf but to me 9 holes is like walking away from a beer halfway through...shudder..or stopping halfway through a  **** ,  it defeats the purpose of being there.You never know what could have been... 10 under for 18 or a bogey ridden back 9.Is this fast food golf ?
Once you have got the gear it takes about a minute tops ...once you have got the old tape off....also check out Golfworks online they have Black Widow grips at 99c.I've just bought a set and they are great and if they are not for you at 99c you haven't lost big time at $7 a grip on some others.
I'll bet you were first in line at the bumper cars at the carnival !
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