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My Nickent 3DX rc 2H 17* is my go to club ,cannot play a bad shot with it....PS.you should get those things in your avatar looked at,they look painful.
Just what I said. Beats me how 2 people walking at 2k/hr can push 2 people in a cart at 20k/hr.
While I think the OP was talking local you only have to look at Asia to see that golf has exploded over there.New golf courses being built virtually every week in China , Asian women dominating ?the LPGA and if you look at the leaderboards on Golf.com you will see flags of countries that 10 years ago would not know what a golf ball looked like.So in the long run I think golf on the up.
Mainly public now but a few years ago I was a member of a semi-private and as others have said you feel compelled to play exclusively there to get your monies worth plus I felt I was getting in a rut playing the same course 2-3 times a week .Now I try to play a different course every week...there are six within a 20 mile radius of me.
I personally...prefer walking the fairways as you get a feel for the course ...slope ,gradient  plus the health quotient.I personally.. cannot see the sense of people saying they play golf for their health while riding in a cart .I surmise they have carts to increase the throughput of people on the course generating more money but with hackers zig-zagging all over the fairway it negates their purpose therefore banking up players behind and the only exercise they get is...
While the economy has had an effect I think golf has maintained it's popularity and with the young players coming through .....Rory,Ricky Fowler and others.... kids still see golf as an option.Not everyone has the skills to play Football or soccer and team numbers are limited anyway.At one of the courses I play I have noticed schoolkids playing as a school sport instead of the aforementioned ..the teachers with them getting paid to play ..dream job.But the point is out...
Not a live music fan but way back when a girlfriend dragged me along to a Bette Midler concert and I think Katy Sagal was one of the backup singers....the Harlettes.
On a recent trip over to the U.S we went down here,no prize for guessing where.I didn't play only drooled.
It really doesn't matter if your swing looks like a fiddler crab doing the Macarena , as long as it works.....low scores. There's no points for the latest fashion shirt ,latest and greatest clubs and no points for a "technically" correct swing....the only numbers that matter are on the card.
You left out me....the Happy Gilmour type.!!.
New Posts  All Forums: