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I'm glad the thread was about golf !!!.......It's not how you get there it's the score at the end.
Lucky it is still at epidepic proportions...when it reaches epidemic proportions we'll have real problems! :)
Just the one ....Odyssey XG 7.....but I'm switching the stock grip to the Black Widow Widow Maker mid-size grip that just arrived to see if that cures what ails me.
Has anybody played the 6DX clubs yet, Nickent were innovative clubs for their time ...Evolver driver,gel back irons,cored wedges....maybe the R&D cost outweighed their sales.
Congrats on your qualification,hope you do well!
Condescending or not ,putting with the hole behind you does happen, watch vision of the last Australian Open I think it was when Tiger and K.J were putting hook shots with their backs to the hole on the ridiculous greens at the Lakes G.C.
Mainly my drivers.I have five.... Nickent 4DX 12.5 *,Cleveland HiBore XLS 10.5*,Callaway X460 Tour 9.5* ,Cleveland Launcher DST 10.5* and a Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 10.5* .Whenever I feel I'm not getting the best out of a driver (or is it me) I'll switch out and next round use another until it too doesn't feel right ,could be 2 rounds or could be 20 rounds .I know its a mental thing but who says golfers are logical.
Did Shorty have his tongue firmly in cheek when he threw out that unbaited hook or not? Got a lot of bites anyhow. Wearing the latest and greatest is not a prerequisite but dressing for the occasion is.
Commiserations Unforgiven...this was your first and probably his fiftieth so experience was on his side. As the saying goes "live and learn" and next time be like Clint in Unforgiven and beat the sh*t out of them in your next match.
Try to wean her off that broomstick putter..lol....Totally off the point McObra that is my dream car .
New Posts  All Forums: