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Resort for sure....make sure there are some courses nearby....give her the card and send her shopping while you get 18 in. A cruise does not appeal to me in the least ...cooped up in a shoebox cabin..going with the herd at shore breaks....no time to check out the sights before reboarding.Hassles with the hawkers pushing their junk souvenirs at you as you disembark takes the enjoyment out of the trip.
Good luck from all us 38 years older guys.....is his slow play a deliberate tactic to p*ss you off ? As other posters said play YOUR game not his.
They should be treated the same as the groove issue.... ban them after a certain period to give a transition period. When you use a belly or broomstick putter you have lost the battle,it's like bowing to the inevitable and wearing sweat pants all day. Instead of fixing the problem people take the easy option.
FUGLY beyond all doubt !!,as to Graeme using it would he if he wasn't paid? At least the Persimmon clubs had the grain and the warm gloss of the brass not a crass paint job.
Golf.com has the stats on their leaderboard.
How about complimenting my Granma too... she's pretty cool!
I too have seen a huge dummy spit only difference was after he threw them in the water he had to dive in after to get them back as his car keys and wallet were in it .Rolling on the ground laughing at him didn't help his anger management either. Still breaks me up when I think of it.
I agree with Gresh24 , a fitting no matter which way you go ..used or clone....should be a must ,your game should improve immensely.Assuming you are playing with standard length clubs at 5'5" it must throw the lie angle right out.
After reading great reviews of the Q.Star I bought a sleeve to try out and was underwhelmed ,I dropped about 20 metres off the tee and it was no better at holding the green than my Taylomade LDP.It was soft off the irons but I was not impressed overall ,but saying that each to his own .. unless you try different balls in a game and not by reviews you will never know.  (  reading the O.P again the question was sidespin,that was reduced compared to others I've used )
Been there done that. When arrogance and ego's ...hitting from the back tees ...don't match with ability, it gets frustrating for the players behind.It sounds like the best thing to do would be to front the commitee and tell them why you are tossing in your membership and explore your options at other clubs .If they hear this enough they might do something about it.Giving the game away because of a few snails is a bit extreme.
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