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Game of Thrones! It's got everything Sex,blood and guts,Sex,intrigue,excellent storyline....if you can follow it...and did I mention it's got Sex. All kidding aside great show.
   Go Aussies!!! Adam Scott right up there......so far. John Senden has been solid too.
        Did you know ..... that golf has been played on the Moon? On the Apollo 14 mission Alan Shepard took a 6 iron and one handed and in a space suit ...naturally.... hit a ball  about 300 yards approx.  True story.           Did you know...... when Neil Armstrong jumped down to the moons surface and said his .."that's one small step"line he also said after that ..."that's for you Mr Rosenbaum".Houston couldn't work it out and it was edited out . It all went back...
That put me off bacon for years!!! LOL.
After reading this I have shaved my head...dressed in orange like Ricky and played the course chanting OM ....enlightened my soul it did.
Maybe you get to tow it away with your pickup if you win :)
I am in awe of some of you guys ....the only way I would get it out past 250 is doing a Don Johnson with a force five at my back.!But with a dud back and a 3/4 swing I'm happy it's straight.
I agree with the second part ....keeping up with technology.....but the first part might be like the museum that had George Washingtons original hatchet that had two new heads and three new handles.lol.
Where was Deliverence filmed? Sorry totally irrelevent ,apology tendered.
Maybe this has been discussed before but do Drivers have a finite life?..Are golfers doing themselves a disservice by sticking to the tried and true at the expense of their game....Maybe the new Ti or composite drivers aren't a problem but the older types must have metal fatigue after being hit at up to100mph+ time after time over the years thereby changing the dynamics of the head and losing distance and control. When people say they aren't getting the distance they...
New Posts  All Forums: