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There's nothing like a discussion about religion or penis size to bring out the boxing gloves but this thread was started to pay out everybodys favourite froot loop Tom (Thumb) Cruise.Chill pills all round and let's get back to the bagging. How small is the Dweeb that runs Tom and the "Church",he makes Minime look good.Hold on..... a big black Suburban just pulled up outside.
8.It would have been 10 but I'm envious of people with money and  I loved his money swimming room.
Does everybody in Bawston talk like that , I thought only the rich guys like J.F.K and Bobby did, but seriously a technicolour yawn after a hard night out felt better than watching that drivel.My eyes will never forgive me! 
Nickent 3dx rc 2h 17*. Arrow straight from the fairway, punch shot from under trees and bump shots from the fringe ,come to think about it maybe this and a putter is all I need ....and about 50% more skill.
While reading an old Golf magazine recently I read an article that jogged my memory.Years ago I worked with this guy who was playing off scratch ( I can only dream of this) and decided the challenge wasn't there anymore and changed from a righty to one of the Devils own, lol, a lefty.He was about 50 at the time and I left the company shortly after so I don't know how he coped but does anybody else know anyone who has done this?
That is one awesome looking course!
Apparently at a course in Queensland they have Bull sharks in one of their water hazards,a nearby river overflowed in the rainy season and stranded them in the hazard,don't know what they eat to survive probably errant golfers.
Last summer my friends and I played at Bowral GC which is in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and before we tee'd off we were told under no circumstance to go looking for lost balls in the rough-about calf high- why we asked? it's snake season ...Red belly black snakes,King Brown snakes and the odd Death Adder are out and about.Needless to say amazingly we mostly kept to the fairways and only lost 3 balls between the four of us.It's funny how a fear of Death...
Simple etiquette is not parking your cart or buggy right on the front of the green and after everyone putts out not counting up your score at the cart before deciding to move off,common sense (sadly lacking in a lot of people) would be to park at the back therefore clearing the green for the next group a lot quicker.
If you want colourful "Loudmouth" is the road to go down.
New Posts  All Forums: