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my dad has a set of r11 iron clones clones(ti 11 irons) and he is very good golfer  Its the swing not the clubs guys 
thanks for the award 
maybe il try that if it happens again 
another interesting story my father was playing behind this old guy who decided to try to drive a cart through this little creek he called my dad and his friend over who tried to push him out and why there pushing he keeps slamming on the gas spraying mud all over the place.
I had an experience like this playing with my brother at a local public golf course I know it was a public golf course but the behavior was still ridicules the group in front us would hit about ten balls of the tee on every hole losing most of them then spend another five minutes driving back and forth around the fairway before hitting needless to say this slowed down play immensely and backed up the course I called the club house and they did absolutely nothing we would...
At one of my local coarses there is a little creek (3 feet wide) that I have seen numerous people take a shot out of my favorite was during a school match my friend tries to hit it out and splatters mud on our oponents needless to say they weren't very pleased.
I haven't seen anything definite yet I agree the signs are pointing to Watson but would I bet my life on it no there are plenty of other good candidates for the job.
well I think you should just take a quick look and get up and putt the ball nothing ever good happens when someone stands over the ball for five minutes.
I think it will be Tom Watson because of his winning record as a past captain and his open championship success
I prefer a blade putter I currently have a maxfli c3 blade putter
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