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Ok, this one made me laugh, because I can almost see this playing out in my mind. Range driver comes over, you go to your bag, get out a beat up old glove (we arn't pro's, we dont have new gloves in the bag). You know the glove I am talking about, been in your bag for 3 months.  Pull it out, spit on it to get it soft enough to flatten out, then pull our your sharpie and sign it. Hand it to him, maybe fold up a bill or two and hand it to him. 
Not selected...   I didn't realize they send the taunting email saying I was not selected, so when I saw the email come through I got excited thinking I had them.......WRONG!
Come play with me. I promise there is nothing "high class" about our club, nor any club I have ever been a member of.  This is a common misconception, but I don't dispute there are some clubs that operate and have that membership. The best part, every club I have ever been a member of consisted of people exactly like me. 
I think I may have created a monster.    Wife and brother-in-law both had to ask to be play yesterday. It was hot and I was tired, but I sacrificed and took them out. It was alot of fun, but I agree with the above who finds it more mentally draining to keep peoples spirits up....I however, have to consistently come up with new insults when my brother-in-law hits it sideways. Its in good fun and he is loving it.
Graeme McDowell @ Even Luke Donald  @ -1 Bill Hass @ -2     I think I did it right after reading the rules....
Sadly for my "conservative" game......with about the same rate for hero shot as conservative.....
Wait, they are playing at my course???? I kid!
I like Spieth, but I am not sure his putting is going to hold up on the greens. For some reason, Graeme McDowell seems to me like he will be standing at the end.
I would agree with this 100%. I loved playing there and even the sandy areas and pinestraw are not going to be killers....the greens are the key.  Playing there and having the caddie tell me to hit a right to left put 5 inches out, when I KNEW the break I saw was at least 5 inches left to right...well, it only took me 2 misses and him laughing and saying "trust me" before I listened. I have never played greens where you could trust your eyes less.
Adding another to my "Create a Golfer" total.    Brother in law, just finished his freshman year of college, approached me last weekend and asked if I would teach him. He is an engineering major and figures knowing his way around the golf course will help him professionally.    We went out last night and played 9 holes, he loved it. By the 6th hole, he was hitting the ball in the air and he hit a "bomb" on 9 that would have been great, if it had only not sliced 300...
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