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Not selected...   I didn't realize they send the taunting email saying I was not selected, so when I saw the email come through I got excited thinking I had them.......WRONG!
Come play with me. I promise there is nothing "high class" about our club, nor any club I have ever been a member of.  This is a common misconception, but I don't dispute there are some clubs that operate and have that membership. The best part, every club I have ever been a member of consisted of people exactly like me. 
I think I may have created a monster.    Wife and brother-in-law both had to ask to be play yesterday. It was hot and I was tired, but I sacrificed and took them out. It was alot of fun, but I agree with the above who finds it more mentally draining to keep peoples spirits up....I however, have to consistently come up with new insults when my brother-in-law hits it sideways. Its in good fun and he is loving it.
Graeme McDowell @ Even Luke Donald  @ -1 Bill Hass @ -2     I think I did it right after reading the rules....
Sadly for my "conservative" game......with about the same rate for hero shot as conservative.....
Wait, they are playing at my course???? I kid!
I like Spieth, but I am not sure his putting is going to hold up on the greens. For some reason, Graeme McDowell seems to me like he will be standing at the end.
I would agree with this 100%. I loved playing there and even the sandy areas and pinestraw are not going to be killers....the greens are the key.  Playing there and having the caddie tell me to hit a right to left put 5 inches out, when I KNEW the break I saw was at least 5 inches left to right...well, it only took me 2 misses and him laughing and saying "trust me" before I listened. I have never played greens where you could trust your eyes less.
Adding another to my "Create a Golfer" total.    Brother in law, just finished his freshman year of college, approached me last weekend and asked if I would teach him. He is an engineering major and figures knowing his way around the golf course will help him professionally.    We went out last night and played 9 holes, he loved it. By the 6th hole, he was hitting the ball in the air and he hit a "bomb" on 9 that would have been great, if it had only not sliced 300...
I read through the replys from the years old thread, and noticed no one commented on this one, but it struck me. And it actually made me think (and that is no small feat for me). If I play my every day rounds in a more aggressive fashion than I play my tournament rounds, am I sandbagging? If I try my best to pull of the 20% shot, or the hero shot in the weekly game, but would never try in a tournament, am I sandbagging, even unintentionally. I have never even thought about...
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