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Not an expert by any means. But whats been helping with me is take a slower back swing.
I don't have the driver, but with my r11 fairway wood I play a huge fade when it's closed. I love it,
I meant on target then faded to right.
Thanks for all the tips guys much appreciated, I went out and played 9 today. I had a few great iron shots. One was perfect straight, then the rest started off target and faded to the right well struck balls. Just keep practicing
That is exactly what my instructor said, I use to not use my hips at all with the downswing. I tried to focus on putting weight on my right foot letting my hips bring the club down. I'm not really sure what a push fade is... Care to explain?
Thanks guys, it's difficult I must say coming from hockey thought it was gonna be a breeze boy was I wrong. Here's a little video from my first lesson. I hit my 7 iron well, using in video.http://vimeo.com/65261058 I will keeping practicing
Sorry, what I'm saying is most of my shots are a hard right slice. I can put up a video in a minute.
Hey guys I'm new to golf, I been hitting everyday at the range for the past 2 weeks now. I had one lesson and it went great, after that I been practicing everything he told me I was doing wrong. But I just can't seem to do anything right I hit about 30 balls and out of those 30, 3 of them are nice perfect swings with the ball going straight. The rest are just complete shanks. Not sure what to do how long did it take for you guys to fell good and confident in your swing😁.
Hey guys, first time out to the range in awhile a couldn't hit a decent straight shot. Thought I record a video at my house for some tips or if IM doing anything wrong. I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1 My current handicap index or average score is:?? My typical ball flight is: Slice/Hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:Slice/Hook     Videos:     IF video doesnt...
Thanks guys, I just bought the Nike VR Tour with no Str8-Fit so far I love it....
New Posts  All Forums: