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I am not from Florida, so I don't know the "hotspots", but I envy you moving down there!  Wish I could!!  Enjoy!!!
I understand. Makes sense, too.   I will look into local options, but I don't think there will be too many.  I might just do both, and get the best of both worlds.   Thanks!
I thank everybody for their input!   Harmonious, I was especially glad to get yours, as I will be staying at the Waldorf!  I would prefer to get training onsite if it, and he, has a good rep. I think I will look into it.   Thanks again, all!
Specifically help with my swig, I'm new, and I need it!   The Waldorf Astoria (where I will be staying) has courses available.  Since I will be staying there, I thought I might take one if the cost isn't too high, and they can actually help.   A one or two day course would be best, anything loger might cause logistic problems.   Do you have an opinion of the Waldorfs courses, or another you feel might be a good fit?   Thanks for replying!
When you say "no course is worth the money" are you thinking practice alone is the better route?  I would agree that they are are pricey, but I think some guidance with my swig would be an improvement.     I am new to the game and I would be up for a day or two of instruction if the cost/benifit is right.   Thanks for your feedback!
My other post did not receive any feedback, so I will try from a different perspective.   Does anyone have any recommendation for golf instruction in the Orlando area.  I will be staying near the Disney resorts, so anything on that side of town (SW I think) would be preferred.   Thanks in advance.
Aw, come on.  Surely someone has taken the course.  My trip is coming up soon, and I don't want to waste my money if it's not worth it.   Any feedback would be appreciated!!
I am considering signing up for the Golf Academy at the Waldorf Astoria course in Orlando Florida.  Has anyone here taken this training course and did you find it beneficial?  For the cost, would you recommend it?  I have not received any former training before and I am sure I have some bad habits that could be holding my game back.  I am hoping they could help point them out and improve my game.
I am impressed with what I see at www.streamsongresort.com.  Has anybody here heard anything more about this resort than whats on their site?  Anybody planning on visiting?  Thanks!
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