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Canadian Rockers - Sloan  
Agreed. I had a similar problem with Walking Dead.: clean shaven men, haircut/groomed, etc. I know, I know it's entertainment but I think about these things as well and can't get past them. Gotta have the reality check.
Like the one Fairway Wood, one Hybrid setup. I've gone to a four-wood, four-hybrid for my "distance" clubs. Keep it simple!
Like the four-wood & seven-wood combo!
Heavy Psych, Krautrock... Titán - "Aufruf Der Pilz" from their 2007 Tee Pee Records album A Raining Sun Of Light & Love For You & You & You
colin007,The Goldbergs TV Show is awesome. Brilliant slice of life and 80s culture. Characters are well cast, parts well written,  and well played by the actors."Big Tasty" is priceless.
Interesting Radiohead cover version by the young lady on the ukulele - it works.
Old School. Legend.
Blackwidow Widowmaker Black/Black grips for my irons.
| 51°, 57°, 64° | | P, 9, 8 | 7, 6, 5 | | 23°H, 4-W, Dr. | \Putter/
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