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Just like WUTiger I've gone with 4-wood & 7-wood combo. Works good for me. 4-wood is easy to hit off fairway and has plenty of distance for my "longest club" from the deck. The 7-wood is a great rescue club, long par three weapon, and fairway friendly.
A dozen Srixon Z Star SL golf balls and a Slazenger dri-fit shirt.
Anyone seen this wedge (extra super flop wedge -Feel 73°) http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2012/09/feel-golf-introduces-conformin.html
Ping G20 4-wood(16.5°) and 7-wood (21°) are staples in my bag. These two cover my "long game from the fairway" and they work well off the tee as well. I'll use the 4-wood on shorter and narrower par 4s and the 7-wood on longer par 3s. Versatile, easy to hit and surprisingly long when needed.
I've got a 64° and can hit it about 45-50 max. One thing I will say is that it will get the up and up and up. And it will land soft dead on a dime. I typically use it closer to the green for flops and super-flops or to get out of really really deep bunkers.
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My morning run first track : : :
I cut my teeth learning to play Cream songs: Disraeli Gears & Wheels of Fire... Power Trio at its best.
I like it. Have you heard The Vaccines?
I've got the PING G20 4-wood like arturo28mx. I also have the 7-wood. I really like these clubs and for me this wood combo works very well. WUTiger was talking about the idea of 3/5 or 4/7 combos at a demo day. I think these are two logical setups but not everyone may agree. Also, there are many factors to consider depending on what an individual really needs, how they play the game, their level of comfort, etc. Nowadays you really have to look at the clubs individually...
New Posts  All Forums: