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Anyone played or currenlty play at Cheval Golf Course,  Lutz FL. I went to visit my friend this week and got a chance to play there. It was a challenging course, but I had a lot of fun.
Anyone else watching Bates Motel on A&E?
No. She is cool no matter what pseudo-stigmas people want to attach to it. For me any music is good as long as it has soul and I don't pay attention to all the labeling. Enjoy what you want! ~George
Warpaint - Biggyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZgNBSkaTQQcipher,I really like Samuel Beam and I don't think he has put out anything that I dislike. I was sold after hearing this one
Warpaint - Biggy      
Well enjoy them sir. Yes I was almost drooling as I peered longingly at a set in Golfsmith. I've read great reviews and the aesthetic is unmatched, sleek and luxurious. Hopefully the warmer weather that is supposed to usher in this weekend in Atlanta will allow you to get out (at least to the range) and swing away.
Fantastic stuff. Getz and Gilberto just does not get any better. Like Girl from Ipanema but am more partial to Desafinado. And Bebel could sing a sour note if she tried. Complete beauty in vocal form!
Gotta love Mark Knopfler. This is one if the first bassline so learned to play so it will always be one of my favorite songs.
These kids are way too cool and the What a Did Expect from The Vaccines? record is excellent from start to finish. Revved up rockers, cheeky fun, anthemic call to rock 'n' roll arms, punk ethos worn on the sleeve without the slightest bit of pretentiousness. Great great stuff. I especially like Wetsuit.
Absolutely not the same w/o Kim. However, Frank Black was and still is the driving force behind The Pixies. '89 & '90 Doolittle and Bossa Nova were in heavy rotation in my CD player.
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