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Lol well I missed it by two inches anyway..right into the roots of the grass on the bunker lip and it rolled back into the pit of despair.. No way it would have missed otherwise.
Overdid underdid..hope they arent different. Like my cut into tha wind 215 flag par 3 protected bunker right? Yeah you guessed it..that long arching shot, damned neighbors watching cause they knew some on my flight. Just underdid it by two inches. My first hole in one.
Lol I think you didnt close the 5 iron somehow!
Werent you speaking about policy drift?
09 silverado
Yeah I know. Its a wormy starch paper book thread. But I read the stuff people send me on these media capable phones. Its like this, hour after hour...
Well, FL rocks bikinis....
LoL! Ok here is my last post on this thread... You have it. Close the face on the irons a touch so they arent open and let your body adjust to the real line instead of the slight opens you describe from shot shape, and the course is yours. That description is good enough that you need to start telling people your thoughts on their game heaven forbid...but you have crossed some line of knowledge and are headed to a good place by your description. Who where your influences?
New Posts  All Forums: