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I like buying a box of grips at a time. I know what style I like (velvet) and what size, so its pretty easy. If I buy enough at once I have even found them for 1.00 a piece. I trade them for 4 or 5 times that or use my take offs and assemble sets that I sell away. Most of them are just common vulcanized rubber. The foamy light types and the multi compound or thread embedded types are not my favorites, but I do like the smooth way siliconized rubber feels. Especially on...
The most straight normal shots for me come when I fade or slice the path if the ball is above my feet, and if the ball is below my feet, I try to draw or even hook. If its grossly low or high, I have to consider the face of the club, maybe clubbing up and choking down. It can be a creative moment.
Ok sorry some scientistical guy had us running graphs on scopes that had 4 quadrants in the x/y graphing that I still see in what little mind I have left. Your way would graph a vertical line I guess. Still, its a graph of a highly specific thing. Now lets talk seriously about the hole, how some people see a cross on it where its 4 quadrants, where the lowest spot below the hole, the 6 oclock position has the bottom alignment position of said cross. The application of...
I get it. Its a frequency graph like measuring hertz or cycles per second. Take away the time element that stretches it horizontally and it would look like a circle. LOL I draw the line at using an oscillascope on my putter. It would probably do me some good though. My only interest is accuracy. In the hole. I dont understand much use for any thing else, so this thread, which is discussing powering the ball is interesting as it related to overpowering or underpowering...
The graph looks like one I have seen here:http://www.titleist.com/art-of-putting/#path-toeflow-length Billy Horschel hit a 50 foot putt yesterday. Did he take his putter back inside? In the video it looks like it wasnt pure pendulum. When faced with longer putts or fringe putting where I need putter loft to get the ball on top of the grass and rolling, my most consistent shots dont come from using a pure pendulum path. Its more like my other clubs. We have a lot of...
He plays the cut or the draw with putter. Who would have drawn the similiarity to the Driver and other clubs without that graph?
And one thing not mentioned here, having your hands in the same range of height off the ground each time, not too high, or too low for you. Its a shaft length thing.
You may care to take a 2x4 poece of wood about 36" long to the range. Its for your feet. The range tee is flat. Thats good, but the course is not. If you put the wood under your rear foot, your swingpoints will change a little like you are on a unlevel lie. Put the board under both heels, or the toes, and more angles change as they might on a course. Its all I have to suggest.
I have this putter training toy that looks like a yardstick. It has black and white increments marked behind and in front of the ball. It is hard if not impossible for me to see how far back I take the putter without moving my head, even though the stick is marked from that express purpose.
careful what you wish for!
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