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I changed my top end some, mainly the 3w. I got tired of not being able to use my 15 3w on downhill sloped fairways. Its all TM R1 3HL (17) 17 hy 20 hy
Would you hit a horrible feeling shaft if it sent the ball accurately where you aimed it? Its a fair question if you consider it.
I like your thinking in your first post.
So I finally drove this par 4 reachable and made a 4' for eagle. The driver was an R1 head on a raw length UST v2 7075 stiff. The club measures 47".
The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. All you want to know about Ebola
Chip or pellet smokers are awesome for fish like smoked salmon. This thing is a brinkmann. I have a horizontal brinkmann cimmaron too, but its heavy guage and mostly I find it best to make custom wood charcoal in. Have you looked at a weber bullet?
I am looking forward to football grilling.
Just a little margine..thats it.
Lol he said easy
As for myself, every time, i find i am not closing the toe. Its funny how the small adjustment changes my body position so much.
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