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Then just get forged and you can bend the lalapalooza out of them. Your clubs will be 35 to 46 inches so you can adjust them across winter summer or left and right.
I like this kinda thread. Thats because I am a "where did the ball fly" kinda guy. If you get a set and hit them and they fly where you think..lucky man. You may tweak one or two clubs to space them or whatever, but the obvious obvious is obvious. I spent a grand on some 588s once and had them all spec'd but they sucked. Ball flight rules.
I play them with KBS Reg. You will like them. They arent center mass style but that toe weight helps the kindness factor. I see the newer design tightening the mass behind the ball a bit more.
One of the better self help things I have ever done is borrow one of those little mirrors that have alignment lines. It helps correct the error of feeling like you eyes are on your line versus where they actually are, and helps ball postion relative to the square zone of the swing path and your setup.
But you have made up your mind already. Personally I would encourage you to get irons with a good amount of offset for the first year or so. The reason for this is that you may not be aware of what offset is or what it does to help you learn the basics. When you have experienced those clubs for a while you will know when its time to start bringing the face forward and how to handle those shots swingwise.
It was a long time before anybody explained to me to try to keep my hands as far out as possible, even feeling like I was pushing out rather than locking up elbows. I wasnt ready to understand how that leverage would help me. In my mind I saw the swing as a circle and would bring my hands up following that incorrect circle thought, rather than keeping them low and away with tension not tightness.
you may be tall, but are your hands tall from the ground also? I would suggest a fitting. While its entirely possible to make regular clubs fit, it is not so easy to make them fit the swing plane thats best for you, or even really understand your swing via the written word. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful, but you need some baseline workups realworld style so you dont end up hitting bad shots because of a bad fit. You will have enough to do with your swing work.
Lol- I read the whole thread to get to ace. Me too bro.
I used to have a 9 foot practice green with holes in the far end. The dog ate the cupholes cause it liked the foam at the cup end. I bought another one. I couldnt see wasting the old one so I overlapped them and razor cut them together, removing the doggy chewed end. I duct taped them together underneath and have a 16 ft practice area to knock around on.
I cant snapshot the screen in horizontal mode, but imagine looking the wrong way through binoculars and you pretty well have it covered. The hassle factor is so high I would rather not use my phone and just hit the site when I am around a pc.
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