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I am a redneck so I use yard targets. I put one at 15yds, 25, 40. Then I hit to the target high and soft. Its the hardes shot for me, being that not a lot of force is used to spin the ball or get it up. I find pitches and chips more straight forward. But at the end of practice, I have hit 50 or more of the same exact shot with the same exact club to the exact same distance, and my wife has a bare spot on which to plant something.
I bet too stiff wont load, unload and droop properly. If you can manage to close the face square, the toe wont droop and will be up in a face left condition instead of open for those not closing.
Yeah there is this thing called a spatchcocked turkey I was gonna look into.
Frozen snickers, or any chocolate really.
My smokers can handle a turkey I think.
I had to introduce clorox products in the office to reduce winter sick time long ago. Its no joke when you have the public and your own people mixing it up.
I agree with you and even think they should save that loss for Bama to deliver for old times sake.
Isnt it funny how hot you can cook a bird and that skin really seperates the heat from the meat. I am toying with smoking a turkey I have defrosting in my small fridge. Its a fairly big bird, and I have no idea which wood I should use.
I had an epiphany and started moistening my lava rocks as they flare. Its kinda amazing to cook like that, and definitely not recommended, so as usual I had to try it. Its a crazy combo of steam, fire, dry heat, moist heat, and hollywood pyrotechnics. Evidently the internet says the rocks will explode, which mine do not, and doesnt say how much moisture the rocks can hold, which is the neat part. And its really clean to boot. I may blow up my grill and take a good section...
Tires are such a commodity that a few bucks makes a world of difference in durability or rolling resistance or traction. The better makes have more puncture resistance for example, and seem like so much less trouble as a result. Its one of those purchases people dont want to make, so they hold their nose and buy the least expensive tires and end up back in the tire shop later, usually with a similiar problem because they drive the way they want to and wont change. My...
New Posts  All Forums: