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By the way.. how many of you think T will take Bama?
Holly did shows where she played with pros. Unique. Holly could hit the ball, and even though Martin would try to make a mess, she kept the ball between her heels and hit his crazy shot. I think Holly was under utilized, and I hope the new channel hires her.
I miss The Great Pumpkin. Its just a flavor thing, no substance, but those were fun days.
I got this today.
Beast. That was a reference to the channel demographics described in an earlier post.
LoL @saevel25, I didnt mention a conference outside the SEC as a jab. Glad you got it. It must be a sensitive personal area, like that imaginary girlfriend Notre Dame brought with them to the Championship game with Bama. ND has 8 championships I believe, more than any other school besides Bama. They just havent been seen with a trophy in so long I didnt think including them was fair. I would like a better competition across the country though. It would make the games...
On any given day any team in the sec can beat any other team in the sec. I know it has become cliche' to say, but it is also true.
It does kinda feel like that doesnt it? But only when my spin has been cleared of bending, binding and twist tensions from my grip. Its a loose but in-plane exit of energy with nothing in the way. My regular partner has been moving into x flex shafts because he does it so well.
Dont get caught in that loading stuff AS A PRIORITY, its coming from your swing, or turn more specifically, and depending on how quick you bring it you may load early, or if slow and smooth maybe later in the swing, but loading is gonna be unique to you, and will have some effect that you will "Tune" as you keep hitting. There is more knowledge on that subject than you can shake your shaft at on this site.
Being at least 80% male, I am hoping for eye candy! Nothing wrong with visual spice, whoever she is...
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