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I have a bushnell 1600 slope edition. I want a tourney legal one.
7 iron for 80% of a bucket. Driver and gap for the remainder. Chipping area with a 60, putting for half the time.
Bridgstone e5, 330
The maltby playability factor may interest you. The fellow goes to the trouble of ranking all these irons toward the purpose of describing how easy it is to play them. I dont think anybody would agree with all his assessments completely, but the fellow is close enough to be considered a predictable or consistent guide through the offerings.
I like the idea of progressives myself. I suspect the very reason irons are offered in mb, mc, and cb in players designs is so that one may chose at will for a completely custom group of irons. Distance variations can occur, but to me seem less worrisome than a loss of workability in a cb head.
From the whites I was +4/+3 for 78. This muni is par 71.
I like to buy old golf books on ebay that were written by guys who later became real famous but werent as revered when they contributed their thoughts to the publishing house. Jack Nicklaus was one, and in his book he says specifically to learn to hit it long first and learn control later.
I changed my top end some, mainly the 3w. I got tired of not being able to use my 15 3w on downhill sloped fairways. Its all TM R1 3HL (17) 17 hy 20 hy
Would you hit a horrible feeling shaft if it sent the ball accurately where you aimed it? Its a fair question if you consider it.
I like your thinking in your first post.
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