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The heat would melt the resin, so no binary paint systems..automotive paint has that heat issue.. or infrared lamps. UV cure would work though. Like the wide format printers use. Very permanent stuff AND you can check for pet pee spots.
The ink jet decal systems are probably ideal, since the ink is usually latex based anyway, but a clear top layer should be applied to protect the ink and seal it. Polyureathane paints would stick like crazy and be tough as nails. I would make a trip to a proper art supply store, as they often carry a wide variety of colors of paint blends you will never find in a hardware store. Be aware of the professional ink decals they float on water and "dip" the parts into like guns...
Good luck. My wife tends to be nervous also, compounded by a very high level of both intelligence and imagination, twisted with New Hampshire style pessimism. I bought her a Porsche.
I just saw that report on tv. Its always horrible.Perhaps you need a Corvette?
Yeah I would also like to hear about those longer fairways and long irons and such. I never have believed those things just magically fit a person's swing.
I could use that extra money on golf tees so there you go.
They made it a law because nobody can figure out how to pull well off the road for the safety of all. I dont get it when the officers stop a car in a danger zone and it seems like everybody is locked up mentally and cant move once the lights come on In town. Find a friggin driveway and dont get hurt.
What makes for danger is this law we have where the drivers in the lane near the shoulder have to change lanes to avoid passing near the officer. People at speed freak, stomp brakes and move left into the fast lane. Bizarre.
I am glad you posted that, because I fight that fight in the sense that my choices available on a shot always include my hero shot, and I talk myself into trouble (but fun!) a lot of times. I bet my choices cost me 10 strokes per round sometimes.Like you, once I began to see clearly enough that there was a pattern, my focus on the shot choice has increased, and when I make a bad one now I find that half of them may well have had a mechanical flaw but the other bad half...
Now that the Cleveland RTX 2.0s are out for a while, the 1.0 (rtx) might have dropped to your price range. Also, Mack Daddy 2 by Callaway were designed by Roger Cleveland and are very much identical in design to the wedges he is famous for, and those prices are also low.
New Posts  All Forums: