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I have hotrod cars coming into the store with stealth matte black apple logos stuck on them. Myself...I just bought 2 i7 chromeboxes.
Wow..ok I play golf with this black guy who used to work for me ans he curses really loud. "S**t" and "F**k". What are you guys telling me? That I am somehow responsible for his behavior? Did my poor grammar make you think that that I am responsible for this guy? And yeah these are my people. I will not apologize to you for them, or my life for interacting with them. I actually would ask if you are not an overinsulated academicilly sensitive mind?
Whatever you do, dont delete the posts. He would look upon it as some weakness you thought he could not overcome. Fair warnIng for softies.
No I dont. It is really just the melting pot of America. I play with a former employee, turned business owner that does the same thing. It is not my place to say anything from the inside to the skin. But once it leaves his skin I will call him an idiot when it suits me. He is a black guy I actually paid 2300.00 to bail out of a prison for unpaid checks. His favorite word is shit, he hits wayy to steep, and he doggedly wants to improve, though my "refined" wife would never...
You have to learn how to complain around this joint.
I am tiger hater. I havent had anything good to say about his attitude in a long time. But...if he wants to come back, to quit saying fu*ck off the tee, to show show class as he earns what nobody is going to give him, then I think he will improve the competition. He was maybe 17th in the field? So he can earn it forward. If he can.
Yeah I see that. Imagine looking through binoculars backwards and you get my perspective.
Are you a quaker? Wear a bowtie?
It appears you've uncovered a good reason to have signatures show up on m.tst as I can't see the link you are possibly refering to on my phone.
Am I at a bad tv camera angle when I say it looks like his left foot is open but his right foot is square to the putts?
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