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That is not mine, unfortunately. That one is chicken cordon bleu. I usually like pork loin roasted, but a stuffed pork loin fatty on the smoker may have possibilities.
They look like this.
Because of what men think of them?
Good cause I dont have money to bet. It takes the soul out of the game. I have lost golf balls on the later games though. Some boys that were on the state championship team from my tiny high school were on my team later. They went on a team trip to New Orleans we all made. I remember them burning hair off sleeping people on the trip. They were plain mean. Ole Miss and Mississipi State have some linemen like that. I dont think "Bighead" is really where they are at, though...
3 touchdowns in the 4th? I read about that. No second string. BATTLE!
Has anybody cooked a fatty? Its the smoked bacon weave that you stuff full of sausage, beef or other veggie goodies.
Nah. I watched an eskimo scissor cut the remaining skin holding his big toe onto his foot while telling a joke. It makes tough things survivable.
I read that my choice is 96% so you must be at 4%. Tomorrow is Fri, so you have time to reflect on keeping your record of winning guesses.
Mr Desmond, I don't believe your good character would allow yourself to be in a position to be looking down on a womans upturned face to see unnatural lips.After thinking about it, I am sure there are members of this site that have, however.
Damn. There goes New York. And I wanted to go there sometime. The old jaded Paris of America, going down in vomit and poo. Kardashian watch #2 coming up.
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