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Let us review.1) Tiger is coming back.2) Tiger money is tied to tv & media3) This is publicity ahead of his re-opening of his pga franchise.
How would the coaches use the intelligence they are not (lol) supposed to gather? Knowledge is one thing, but integration of details into a actual game plan is even more important. Obviously knowing the opposing team playbook is a given, but both teams have 18 games on tv for review already So thats not what I would consider the marginal intelligence that could assist a game plan and get a W.
Ok Lookit.. I couldnt answer the questions you asked of him. Fair is fair. I think he has been sporting a fake for a number of years and it had a problem recently but only erin knows.
"Holly" would be a good title for it. Sort of like "Elvis".
Because she is transcendance personified. Any other questions?
Its cold at those games. She wont put up with your crap. Oh it will be fashionable, yet golfers and coats dont go together so well.
I love Holly. What nut put her in a coat on some sidelines?
25k for a used knife. http://www.military1.com/products/military-collectibles/article/402538-navy-seal-auctions-knife-from-bin-laden-mission
Welcome. Please be aware it is considered good form to send bbq to the first two greeters!
Go for the hot chicks if no other reason. This is a warm climate game that has a revealing appeal.
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