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Because there are two components of ball flight that are the low hanging fruit so to speak, one the vertical result of the shaft, the other the horizontal result of the shaft. Like a +, the ball flight tells you something about whats going on.Dynamics add the ablity to build energy and pile it up or store it for a moment release at a certain time aming other things. It you cant bend it, you cant store potential in the spring so when you get to the ball your xflex is short...
Probably wrong but only because it is a game of opposites. Feeling good is often a goal, but a flexy shaft has more head movement per unit of movement and can result in hard to time perfectly face to path issues resulting in higher dispersion.
Its too late, but the one thing that makes the most difference for anybody I have run across is to simply close the toe. Its a real piece of reverse psychology of course, because the minute that happens they begin to align their body differently, and they swing down and all that. I never mention that part.
Yeah that is dirty water. What is the rule about how much tannic brown dye you have to use to make it look like that?
I cant get out until Sunday morning. Kinda green about it.
I do too. I traded some wedges for my squareback. It came with the heavier weights installed, and the original weights loose. It took a while putting with it before I really started feeling the fine balance it was designed with and put the original weights back in it. You just have to get to your balance points by being natural I guess. It never seems to work day in and out if you force putts.
I picked up a taylormade udi #3 which I think is more accurate but a bit shorter than the 4h it replaced. Really what I need to admit to myself is that my long irons are gonna get new shafts that are job specific, and they are probably, actually gonna be hybrid shafts and come out a bit longer than a metal shaft. The kbs c-taper lite shaft that is in the udi has been impressing the idea of club design into my mid game. My long irons need some action, and elevation, and...
Are you putting past the hole? I have both weight sets for my scotty and the net is that the lighter head weights send the ball further for me with a light momentum. The grass is what dictates this for me though, as I play on a lot of southeastern burmuda.
That may be it. I read about a gadget they use for testing acceleration forces that looks like a pitching machine, and the balls are limited in distance so at least that lays the groundwork for an internet rumour.
New Posts  All Forums: