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Heh I can only imagine your brain on the jocks hall. That was probably funny. Of course I did duty with a golfer who was also into high speed photography and pipe bombs. He didnt make it all the way.
Are you tense? Salesmen are often driven in ways people dont understand. Could you relax into a confident consistentency of swing and game planning or is it some technical thing that you suspect would help you? At 5.2 hc you have most of the field beat on form so its a sure thing that you are strong in that area.
I put the rip 60 in my 910. The lower torque really was eye opening as it was the first shaft I experience a lower torque in, at the same flex I had been using. At 108, you most certainly are not average, and shafts that are on stocker clubs I would think you find whippy and hard to control. If the torque numbers on those shafts you are considering are up around 4, I dont think you would find them different from any others you discarded. The problem I would have in...
Ahh Yoko. I dont miss her influence.
You just have to be ready.
Yeah. I use a clothier that comes to my office. He has all these material catalogs for the high end and customizable rack suits for normal wear. Its not crazy pricing and he fits them, takes them to the tailor, brings them back to me and checks them. Clothiers dont just do suits either, which is nice.Just remember, if you cant jump around like a ninja, your suit is too tight.
The most famous line in Rock and Roll: "And, in the end The love you take is equal to the love you make." The End, the last album they recorded together. Paul McCartney
Well be careful about assuming its all your swing. The way I was told, the shorter clubs simply close faster, and wedges get played with a touch of an open stance or back in the stance sometimes as a result. Post video and the gurus that be can make pointers.
Well doing it by function works. What I mean is why not consider what you want to do with the shot? I understand thats not such a known quantity sometimes, in which case I would start in the middle of everything and go play it a season and just see. Golf has a history of very specialized clubs, I understand, like the spoon which was used I believe to reach down for a ball into wagon tracks. But you are playing a rough old course are you? Is it manicured with rolling...
Sometimes he does seems a little upset.
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