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You are not a real golfer if you step into the woods to pee and without washing your hands, offer a handshake on the 18th to finish.
I just terminated one that just had a first child. Its an emotional situation. Eyes open. On the other side, the government taxes for workmans compensation like I would buy for a car. I have 3 seperate plans for coverage as if a worker was a car or other property. You know the 100/300/100 routine. Its disgusting. With matching taxes and huge cash flows from income replacement insurance like workmans comp planning run by the government like a tax fund, the unaware worker...
Since I work with people who work where the Alabama UPS shooting occurred, I was told the fellow had been in a motorcycle wreck and suffered mentally from it. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to mental health support in the general population. Especially with a medical insurance system that cant support you unless you can check a box on a form for a known, specific procedure. I think the medical side has some growing up to do here. Modern medicine being driven by...
I play the courses south of Birmingham, mainly, around the 459 corridor, and up and down a bit on I65.
I know you add foaming agents to bags of pvc resin to produce a foam density suitable to a molded products purpose. I imagine a soft light foam might do. I wouldnt care for a rattle or clunk inside the shaft when I am swinging. I also dont see much point in it sticking to the inner wall, unless flex was an issue, but I would just start with the right shaft in the first place. I guess it would only be a feel thing.
You arent a real golfer if your "real" bag isnt a little worn or dirty.
See my umbrella post.
Its polyurethane, and its toughness and stickness are more extreme than most polymers. I am currently working on excuses to provide the wife in explanation for the mess that will occur during the "testing" phase.
You are not a real golfer if you have to share my umbrella when it rains!
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