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I have a terrible time putting with them.
But it can lead to a side hill putt for par.If it is below the hole you usually have a straight uphill putt left.
I cant find the freaks anymore.
Eldrick Woods  -3 Jason Day  -2
The most impressive part of the round was he had only 11 putts through 13 holes. Thats putt putt type of stats.
better than this.       So glad my Tigers traded him. Hated it. disrespectfull
My strangest experience was when I actually got 2 birdies in a row. 
Here's the scenario. I have always been around a 12-16 handicap. when I was younger i could get away with some mistakes since I could hit the ball a long way. Now that I'm creeping toward 50 I decided to change my swing a little to become a better ball striker with my irons. Thanks to all the great info on here I have gotten much better with my solid ball contact. The old problem was every round I would hit numerous shots "fat" due to lagging behind on the swing. After...
I shortened mine 1 inch and  it has been great. more fairways and actually longer drives because I can swing it faster
I usually shoot in thew low 80's but this year I was having a huge mental break down. everytime I hit a bad shot i all i would think about was damm over par on this hole and it would start to add up to the point I would piss the whole round away.ended up being a 13 handicap at league and wanted to quit.    1 trick I used to help with my mental game was forget about scoring par. I went with the mid set of I'm a bogy golfer so shoot for it. I take all holes and add a...
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