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Interesting thanks for following up. Uh I guess I shouldn't be holding a used tee in my mouth then. Hm.
Yep this is always my take on it. Putting a few dollars on each hole gives you the right to call him out on his "beating" you and be confrontational about it rather than just shaking your head.And of course only if a guy is lying about his score and then bragging about "beating" me. That would make me pretty mad.
Ugly phone pics don't even do them justice... but I just had to post right away lol.  I'm going to try to get the big boy camera out tomorrow and snap them in some natural light up close.
I walk occasionally and find that I score a little better when walking.  I feel like I get in a smoother rhythm when walking to the ball and I get a better longer look at the green.  Sometimes when I ride it feels like WHACK drive 20mph screeeech and I'm setting up for my second shot while I'm still thinking about my last one.  It's nice to slow down but it's not always possible to walk at my club on weekends and during the week I'm usually tired from work or trying to...
So some of yall may have heard of Piretti.  I think a couple guys on tour have in the past or currently use their putters.  Padraig Harrington is one of them I believe.  I got hooked up with a couple of their wedges.  They're forged in Japan and I think Piretti has been selling them for a couple years now.   First Look: The clubs are good looking at address.  First thing I really like about them is the black finish.  I am told they will "age" pretty quickly and the...
Hell yeah, really good looking shoe.  Do you think they'd look okay in shorts though?  I wear my white FJ with shorts.  I think those look "springy" and would be OK with shorts. Edit: on second look, of course they'd look good with shorts.  I though they had more of a dressy look around the ankle which would be more indicative of dress shoes.  Those are some awesome spring shoes.  Good luck on getting your pair.
Golf head belt buckle?  Here's what you do.  Forget this $5 per hole stuff.  Bet your sand wedge against your friend's sand wedge on the round.  If you win, disassemble his sand wedge and wear the head of the club as a necklace (a chain, if you will).  Then use the shaft as an alignment aid and stretching stick.  Keep it in your bag.  Make sure he knows. He will never be the same.
Lost a pair this morning.  Found them on the front of my shirt.
@Pave is right.  When a tournament or group of people play a round "off the stick" that means that there are no handicap calculations involved, and the lowest score wins.     The above assertions that "off the stick" mean penalties aren't counted are incorrect.   I know this is an old thread and probably an old term but I figured I'd give an answer to Google.
Seersucker pants white/brown not white/blue.  Linen button down shirt untucked.  FJ spiked sandals.  THAT hat.  Cart girl would lose traction on the path due to the abrupt discharge of... well, you get it.
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