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I can only offer insight between the AP1 and AP2.  I honestly didn't notice that much of a difference between the two during a round where I would hit my AP1 and then my buddy's AP2 (same club).  For example the 8i, same distance, nearly same flight, height, roll-out, etc.  Ap2 felt much crisper but that was probably a mental thing because looking down at that thinner top line is very appealing to the eye.   In addition if you have several mishits a round like me, the...
Well I hope both @MEfree and @Rulesman make quick recoveries... 
mvmac thanks for the insight and detailed response as always.  I am just learning how the glutes relieve the lower back during the swing.  I incorporate a lot of core and hamstrings into my golf swing exercise routine while completely ignoring the glutes. I have just read from your post and other articles about how important the glutes are, which is news to me.  When the glutes are underactive or underutilized, I have read and heard that the brain will defer that strain to...
E6 and ProV1 feel the same to me.  I love the E6, it's a great ball.  No shame in turning down a titleist for a bridgestone.
What can we take from Bernhard Langer, Kenny Perry, and others that are competing at a high level well into their 50's?  Even someone like Phil who is not getting any younger?   Is there a series of swing thoughts or general practices that these guys are using that maybe cut back on distance, but will save the golfer's back, knees, ankles?  There is a generation of 20's and 30's that are growing up and seeing their first chronic injuries come back and back again.  (On a...
Some random commenters on barstoolsports say that he did a ton of cocaine at Coastal.  Take that with a gram of salt.  I mean, a grain.
The embedded video is making a fuss.  I think she is the one I watched very briefly this weekend.  I saw her pull-shank one on a par 3 after this ridiculous swing.
I'd be lucky to find a perfect fit 1 out of 5 pants off the rack.  I am of pretty average build.  Who cares about an untucked shirt, if the shirt fits. I've seen one too many pairs of muddy pants bottoms dragging on the ground to not let my good friends at TST know! As far as how I'm playing? ...fashionably.  
This is a good point.  It's important to find a shaft weight and stiffness and trajectory that suits you.  Almost moreso than the head itself.  A good fitter will have head/shaft combos so that you can get an idea of where he ball flight is coming from (assuming you have a consistent swing) - whether it be a shaft or head that is contributing to ballooning, or a hook, etc.
Bonus points if you or your spouse can hem, boom immediate money savings.
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