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Anyone find a good live stream?  I am not getting along with Google today.   E: Besides the CBS stream of no. 12 and no. 16 that doesn't start until mid morning.
They look like the silver TW '15s that he tweeted about.
Thanks for the feedback.  I worked on keeping my stance narrow this weekend, along with making a circular turn rather than lateral.  Results were pretty good.
Best guess at yardage to middle of the green.  Is it above me or below me?  Add or subtract a club appropriately  Then decide what club I need based on what I think my averages are.  Then add 1 club.  Add 2 clubs if it's really wet.
OP, at an 8 handicap you'd probably get second or third on GC's "Big Break," why not give that a shot?  Or start a blog and beg for cash, worked for some dude named Dan.
Well a couple things that I think i've improved on since last TST swing review: head is staying much more still but still not perfect because of the overswing, plane is much better, contact is ball first for the most part, have reduced the push and putting a nice draw on the ball (when it's not hooking).   The bad: it looks like I am overswinging big time, but doesn't feel like it during my swing.  Also need to get rid of that Freak Nasty dip on the downswing.  I was...
Huh?  No, just saw that @rkim291968 said "sometimes" an insurance company is hired to cover the prize.  I'm just noting that nearly 100% of the time an insurance company is used, not "sometimes." What are you, a ****ing claims adjuster?  Get off my back.  
Link doesn't work for me.
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ Appx 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10-12 hcp My typical ball flight is: medium height draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hook and losing balance     My problem right now is losing my balance on my big clubs.  Most times teeing off I do not have a pretty finish, I end up "following" the ball or falling back off my finish.  The ball flight is OK, but I just cannot seem...
I'd say 99% of all tournaments that offer these prizes have "hole in one" insurance.  Whether offering a new car, $10,000 cash, or whatever else. Works like any old insurance.  You pay the company $1,500 or so flat fee to come out and make the offer, and if they lose they pay out the $20,000 prize.  If no one gets a hole in one (99% of the time), they've gained $1,500 for nothing but a "dare."  Pretty sweet business to be in, if you ask me.
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