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I'd be lucky to find a perfect fit 1 out of 5 pants off the rack.  I am of pretty average build.  Who cares about an untucked shirt, if the shirt fits. I've seen one too many pairs of muddy pants bottoms dragging on the ground to not let my good friends at TST know! As far as how I'm playing? ...fashionably.  
This is a good point.  It's important to find a shaft weight and stiffness and trajectory that suits you.  Almost moreso than the head itself.  A good fitter will have head/shaft combos so that you can get an idea of where he ball flight is coming from (assuming you have a consistent swing) - whether it be a shaft or head that is contributing to ballooning, or a hook, etc.
Bonus points if you or your spouse can hem, boom immediate money savings.
http://www.target.com/p/c9-by-champion-men-s-duo-dry-32-golf-pants/-/A-14148908 Go to Target and try on a pair of these.  Fabric is undeniably thin and lightweight.  Freeball with baby powder and you will be twice as cool as wearing shorts, I guarantee it.
My new pet peeve is people who buy the $85 pair of designer pants and don't bother worrying about the fit.  Get the legs taken in, get the length shortened to your liking so that your pants aren't bunched up over your shoes.  How can I see you sweet new shoes if your dumb ass orange pants are bunched over them and dragging on the ground?   I buy the $25 pair of Champion golf pants from Target, pay $15 to hem the length and if necessary take the leg in, and look like a...
What are your favorite stretches to gain and keep flexibility?   Thoughts on inversion tables, foam rollers?  Any favorite exercises to strengthen the core?
@Michael Lee man you put together some strange ass thoughts that read like a choppy poem.   That being said, you have to read the other person's reaction.   If they look disappointed because they chunked an easy approach on a par 4, they probably don't want to be bothered... just say "chip and a putt for par, no big deal" if you must say something.  If they burst into laughter then jab them a little bit, they'll think it's funny and it's fun to laugh together.  If they...
Golf is a game of patience and discipline after all.
That's phenomenal.  What course in TX?
Found this thread via search function and had to "bump" it with some of my thoughts.  I know it's old but there is good stuff here.   There is a lot of priceless info up there for anyone who has room to stand up and move their hips while reading.   I'd like to say that I've been reworking my drive to allow myself to get more power behind the ball.  In the past, I set up with a slightly open stance, slightly closed club face, aimed left side of the fairway, and cleared...
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