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Didn't well know he was a jerk at that point though? This was the caddy who yelled at spectators, who ripped cameras off of peoples' necks and then broke them. This is the guy that took off his tournament bib before an event ended, only to have to put it back on because Graeme McDowell (I think) made a putt.   More likely, until the break-up he was Tiger's guy and until the break-up, all things Tiger were infallible. It's not that we didn't know he was a jerk until the...
Probably a decent amount with all the paddling out, I would think. Not much surfing for us here in Texas, but look at Phelps arms from all that swimming.
Here's my question, and it's really a question not me being a smart-***.   Stevie acted like this all the time with Tiger too. The big, winding chip-in at the Masters, the putt to send the US Open to a playoff, etc. Where people this upset then?   Again, I'm really asking.
  Mmmmmmm....Bacon Gravy.   To the OP, it's just one round. I once shot a 123. You put it behind you, remember what good happened while out there and move forward. All you can do really.
To derail from Guan for a moment: WHAT. A. PUTT. by Tiger Woods. With the field all seemingly coming back to him, if he can keep this going (-2 currently), have to think he's in prime position.
It's still talking about the Masters. ESPN was just talking about it being the first in a major since 2004.
Well, welcome to the party. Say goodbye to (some) of your productivity.
Guan just spoke on ESPN about the penalty and, I've got to say, he is more than impressive. Said the win was forcing him to keep switching club and that he respects the decision on the ruling. Said it won't put a negative light on his experience this week, even if he misses the cut.   I have to say, even if he was faking it, there are probably loads of adults that wouldn't have handled it that well. Maybe it's because he's a kid, but either way, it's awesome.
Exactly! But, once a group is on the clock, it's on the clock I guess. That said, I wonder if Guan was the reason for the delay in that group exclusively, or if the others were slow too.
I read the story on PGA.com and it didn't mention a warning. Not to say that it didn't happen (and I really hope it did), but as a sportswriter myself I think that really needs to be included in the story.   EDIT: ESPN just said that the group was put on the clock at some point earlier.
New Posts  All Forums: