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Just a mini skirt
my tip would be to hit the ball at the target lol and take up tiddly winks
i meant 7 oclock sorry not 5 that would cause slice
Iv  tried all the above and more without success.then just the other day whilst hitting balls it just entered my head to do this. i swing back straight back to 6 oclock(12 oclock is target). I only concentrate on my left arm angle.so when my arm reaches paralel to the ground just befor reaching the top i concentrate on my arm angle to face 5 instead of 6.so my back swing is nice and slow up to 6 oclock then just think and feel your left arm change the angle or arm line...
i was looking at the d plane video and noticed that the ball  flight angle on a straight drive was about 10 percent below the trajectory of the actual club face angle verticaly.now as we know the face is say 85 percent initial direction.If we open the face would  that mean that the flight would be just left of the open face due to the lower trajctory? you seem a bit clever erik what do you think?
what i would tell you to do is close ur club face  and when you star hitting a pull which will go straight left.keep that swing and aim to the right. job done ,look up new swing laws v old swing laws and you will understand why your slicing  good luck
ok so i subconciously changed my set up to what the new ball flight laws say? maybe thenwe should never geta pro to help teach us ,we can teach our selves subconciously by just trial and error. if this was known befor trackman came long why wasnt everyone taught it.ould it be that this i secret to golf that so many of us are chasing?
i was shocked to hear yesterday that it is the club face angle that has 85 percent baring on the initial start of ball diection.Its a fact and been scientificly proved by trackman. So i went straight down the range to  see if it worked. wel im not a pro so obviously there was no massive change  but i will continue use the new flight law concept. jus one thing though. can anyone explain to me, why  then when in the past, i have had to play a hook around a tree, its worked...
well i believe him.whats wrong with you all, everyone seems to knock each other on here.Iwish i could bomb the ball like that too.he only wants to improve and is enquiring to become a better player.well jimbo slice i guess you are hitting slices with ur drives.I think you should work out what club to teeoff with to reach the 150 marker .So if you have a par 4 which is 420 .tee off with the club you hit 270,which may be a 4 iron for you. then yu have an easy wedge to the...
New Posts  All Forums: