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I played my first ever round of golf this may and have played six or seven days a week during the summer and in my last revision my handicap was a 8.4, so I think you are more than capable of becoming scratch in three years if you devote yourself to it.
Thanks I just wanted to make sure because I was playing with someone who did it and I had no clue as to if it was illegal or not. It didn't really help him either as he was a pretty bad putter.
Would it be illegal to test the break of the green by rolling a quarter and which ever way the quarter falls to is the way it is going to break? Thanks for your help
Now that I think of it I always have a way better back nine then front nine, this weekend I may try to get to the course extra early to warm up on the range and see how it goes. Hoping for good results.
Was just wondering how early do you get to the course before your tee time? The past couple times I gone to the course it seems that people come to the course and check at there tee time and ending up making me wait at the first tee for them to get checked in. Me personally I like to get to the course about 30 minutes before my tee time, to give me some time to go to the practice green and get a feel for the greens that day. I know some people arrive an hour early and go...
Do you know how much it would cost the get the shaft replaced?
Today I was out playing a round and I notice that my 5 wood's shaft is splintering. It is a taylormade super fast burner 08 and I bought it at sports authority 3 weeks ago, should I contact taylormade or sports authority?
+1 on that
That is just breathtaking, I dont even want to know how much a round there would cost.
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