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Shot of the year alert. Let me set the scene. 300 yd par 4. Back right pin location. No wind. Hit a high fade over a tree and managed to stick the shot within 2 feet. I do have to thank the shower the course received about 30 minutes earlier. Without that, the shot may have hit and sailed into the nearby parking lot. I actually managed to make the eagle putt as well. Not the most conventional eagle, but I'll take it.
I didn't have time to hit the range before my round today. I used the first 9 to warm up a bit and the back to keep score. I ended the day with a solid even par 36. A few birdies were left out on the course. Missed a 6 footer and rimmed out a 25 footer. Overall, a pretty good day on the course.
If I remember right, it was around a 110. It was the best looking 110 you will ever see. I'm just kidding it was awful. I lost track of my score on some holes.
I haven't been practicing my 3 wood for no reason. Put it on the green. Laying up is for professionals. End of story.
S---!! Hooked it. (Animal House reference)
When I play on a $20 course, I absolutely play with a ground under repair mentality. If it is sitting on a spot of rock hard clay, I move it off of it. I don't think damaging a club is worth it. I never really fluff the ball. I do better with it sitting down than up. 
Does anyone have any popcorn? I'm enjoying this exchange.
If the word snazzy was still in style, it would describe the awesome that are these shoes
I'll be darned. I never really noticed the resemblance I guess. Callaway just needs the beautiful copper color. Thank you for that info. I'm sure there won't be a problem, but just in case.
If you click on the link I posted, you will see if you break or lose a club that ordering a new club built the exact same way for under $40. In fact, this is a reason to buy the off-brand just for the availability of a replacement. I don't like swinging somebody else's clubs. I like my clubs built for me. Not Johnny 2-bit that liked clubs 3" short and a lie angle of a putter. 
New Posts  All Forums: