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 I'd go for that. I've combined cycling and hunting and cycling and fishing on quite a few occasions. I never considered the cycling a sport in and of itself, though. It was just the most efficient form of transportation to get where I wanted to be.
 Thanks – I'm actually going to practice that a time or two over these next couple of rainy days.
None for me. I became somewhat of a Craig Stadler fan after I started because we had similar body types and I liked his seemingly irreverent demeanor, but that's as close as it got for me.
 I'll admit that I don't. Unless I know a can is coming up fast, I'll find a discreet way to get relief. I've done it off the 18th tee box at Pebble Beach (although, in all candor, darkness was approaching and that made it pretty easy). My home course has hundreds upon hundreds of trees, including many thick-trunked pines. There's no reason to put pressure on your bladder or kidneys.
 I'll second that. Torrance has always seemed like a stand-up dude who you'd like to have on your list of friends. Faldo ... not so much. Or in most cases, not at all. Tremendous golfer, for sure, but he's provided very little evidence of being a decent human being.
I'm in.
 I have a deal like that at a course that I can drive to in 12 minutes. That might be hard for some to believe, seeing as how I live in California, but the part of the state I'm in is not the California that most out-of-staters think of. It's basically western Montana with warmer weather. My deal covers unlimited golf and range balls. I pay the walking rate and if I want to take a cart, it runs me an extra $10 per occurrence. The monthly fee is low enough that if I don't...
Woodson shouldn't have won that one, either. Peyton Manning was robbed of that Heisman.
No real ties to be broken between those two – one has four times as many rings as the other.
Ha, ha! Head to head doesn't mean jack where you're from. That was made abundantly clear last week.
New Posts  All Forums: