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Sutherland is from Sacramento and I played behind his group on a crowded course one time about 20 years ago, so I got to see a lot of his shots from fairly close range. It was a course I played once or twice a week back then, and he was hitting shots like I'd never seen hit before. It was fun to watch.
 Ha, ha! It's just the opposite for me. If I ever hear a guy spouting Lefty Libster stuff, he'll go straight to the bottom of my list.
 Yeah, it's no farther to get there than Fairfield and I could take rural roads most of the way.
 I'd be game if it were in the Sacramento region, or even a bit south or west of there. Fairfield is probably as far west as I'll go. I won't go all the way into the Bay Area. That drive (specifically the traffic) nearly kills me.
 Yeah, and Wagner was never in. Not worried about it -- I'm rollin' with the Z-Man.
 You didn't see the word "else" in there, did you? Woods is "someone" and the reference is to him alone.
 The difference is that with the exception of the people who know you, nobody's going to give a damn. It's not even remotely the same concept when the subject is a well-known celebrity. A very high percentage of the population just can't get enough celebrity dirt, and that includes a lot of the folks who rail on message boards about how the whole media culture is sleazy. The bottom line is that the vast majority of the details of this sordid ordeal are going to come out...
 Yeah, that's what's so goofy about the Price deal -- he's still under contract for '15. If that was the best they could get for him right now, then hang onto him, hope this hot streak they're currently on continues all the way through September (and maybe into October) and then peddle him off in the winter, when more teams will be interested in improving their rosters. Hell, even waiting until next July, there's little chance they'd have gotten less than they did. The...
I never in my life expected to write that I was disappointed with a 76, but that's the case today. I had good looks at birdie all day and managed to make only one – a 1-footer.   It was the best ball-striking day of my life, so I'll focus on that and forget about the score that could have been.
 Yeah, that was a joke. I think "What?!" was just about everybody's reaction when they heard what Tampa Bay got in return.
New Posts  All Forums: