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 No Japanese team will stack up. They can produce world-class pitching, but they can't hit it, and even those top-quality pitchers would be spread out among their teams. Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui are the only position players who've ever made a real impact in MLB, and Matsui wasn't anywhere close to the monster masher he was in his homeland. There's an enormous gap between MLB and the NPB in regard to hitting. That's why a guy like Wladamir Balentien, an MLB reject,...
Who really cares what the official name is? That nearly gets into the realm of title-sponsored events like the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, et al. Nobody uses those.   Since I don't write the title or say it verbally in any official capacity, I use the words that will most clearly convey which event I'm referring to for the person(s) I'm conversing with: British Open.
 Best of luck finding your next job quickly, and here's to hoping it's a better deal than the Dick's gig.
Damn, I think my cousin was the pro at the Clackamas, Ore. store. I haven't spoken with him in more than 30 years and have no desire to anytime soon, but I feel bad that he's likely out of a job.   This dude always bounces back somehow, though. He's had a bunch of jobs at high-end clubs all over the country and was once the director of golf at English Turn in New Orleans until an ugly incident that involved the cops on New Year's Eve about 15 years ago.
 Hell's Bells? That was Trevor Hoffman. I'd go with an AC/DC tune: "Shoot to Thrill."
Used to if it was on the negative side, but not so much anymore. That first one's gone as soon as I walk off the green.   Just last Saturday I made a double on No. 1 when it took me two tries to get out of a bunker, but I immediately offset that with a textbook birdie on the par-5 2nd and went on to have a good round.
Are many of you guys regulars on forums that deal with topics other than golf?   Here are my other favorites:   > UltimatePheasantHunting.com -- My screen name is a slang term for a rooster pheasant and I love pursuing those long-tailed birds.   > PointingDogJournal.com -- You have to be a subscriber to the magazine to get on there. Participation has been dying out recently.   > HardballTalk.com -- A good place for hardcore baseball fans.   > A regional...
 This is definitely an issue at some public courses. I know of one not too far from me that uses the tee sheet with 8-minute slots only until it's full, and then they start writing names in between the lines. They'll never tell anybody that they're full and can't get them on because the desire for green fees trumps everything else.
81 from the blue tees at my home course (6,434 yards, 71.5/129) in the annual club championship qualifying/seeding tournament.   Wasn't thrilled to make four double bogeys, but I did have three birdies. Very happy with the overall score, as my realistic goal was an 84.
 That's definitely true. I know two low single-digit guys at my club who I won't play with if I have any choice in the matter, and I also won't play behind them if I can possibly avoid it. Both have pre-shot routines that drag on for what seems like an eternity. It certainly works for them, but it's hard on those around them. I've never clocked them, but there's no way they'd finish a round faster than a quick-playing 100-shooter.
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