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I've been absolutely satisfied with particular scores or the outcomes of matches, but never with my overall play during a particular round, and there's no way I ever will be.   Once you've played long enough and advanced to a certain skill level, there's not a single shot you're faced with that you haven't executed to the absolute best of your physical ability at least once in the past. And even during my best rounds, there are probably at least a couple dozen shots --...
 Don't let anybody sell you that line. There are several Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour pros who can really swing the sticks – legitimate single-digit types.
I've written down three or four things on a piece of masking tape and stuck it under the bill of my cap before, but that list is ridiculous!
 The young Mr. Woods was a perfect storm that isn't likely to occur again anytime soon, and such a storm certainly can't be manufactured. He looked like nobody else, had a background like nobody else and struck the ball like nobody else. He was a freak show. Even if McIlroy were to dominate like Woods did in his prime, he wouldn't draw that type of attention. The other factors aren't present.
 Yeah, I agree with this. I'm frequently exposed to people in that age group, and it's the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of the activity itself that determines whether they'll do it -- assuming that it's both affordable and accessible. If it doesn't appeal to them on that base level, they'll just do something else.
A guy in my club used to live in Southern California, where a rich guy he knew paid his way into some big-time pro-am at a high-end country club. The guy just happened to make one of his eight career aces during that round, and his playing partners -- none of whom he knew beforehand and none of whom knew the rich guy who'd sponsored him -- talked the rest of the day how they were all going to party it up after the round. The rich guy did not play in the pro-am and was not...
Nope, I wouldn't count a big-holer. I'd mention it in discussions about aces, but in good conscience, I wouldn't consider it to be a true hole-in-one.
Until I was 22 years old, I thought golf was real close to being the stupidest activity a person could possibly undertake. When I was on semester break during my senior year of college, a friend who'd started playing talked me into going to a local 9-hole course with him. He said the worst-case scenario was I'd ride around in the cart and drink a buttload of beer, so I gave in.   For the first few holes all I did was critique his shots, taking a couple of big swills from...
 Sure enough. Their crackerjack "golf technicians" will be handling things now. I'll give them credit for resounding within 24 hours, as they said they would, but that's about as far as it goes. I didn't know the fitness trainers got hacked, too. I didn't know they had fitness trainers. Response below: Dear John, Thank you for contacting Customer Support at www.dickssportinggoods.com. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your comments with us. I have forwarded...
 Yep, I'd bet right now that's the response I'm going to get. They still employ "pros" who really know their stuff!
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