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Yeh, I think putts make me laugh more than anything, I think it's because, mechanically putting is the easiest thing, so when someone makes a complete cock up of it, it's just a WTF moment. My friend has this little quirk, when he has short putts, he decelerates on the way down, and kind of pushes the ball, then follows it with his putter trying to change where it's going, it's funny to see. I play with this guy all the time, he's one of my best friends, and I really want...
This is obviously just a hang over because it was the first and only "Open"    I think it's abit of snobbery, it's a way of saying, we were the first, and our Open is the original Open.
Haha, behave, if his first entry didn't count and was invalid, then it shouldn't matter what he put or changed, his first valid entry was Rory at -17..
If that's true, who ever is enforcing that rule, I wish you many years of a sexless marriage.
Dustin Johnson putting that OOB just cost me $250   Thanks buddy
Haha, now that would be funny, Nike could start advertising Rory McCilroy sponsored divorce packages. So bitter of her though. 
Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Rorys Dad bet £400 at 500/1 that he would win the Open before he turned 26.
I just got $30 on Fowler to wear orange at evens, it was a special offer. Printing money.  Of course there was a limit to how much you can bet.   Tell me he's wearing orange!
If the guy is an a hole or been an a hole to you personally then laugh your head off, why not.
The guy has already said he doesn't work full time in the "factory"   It even says on his twitter, "professional golfer"   Who in their right mind would be grafting hard in a factory when they could be a club pro/coach, especially when you're as good as him.   Of course it's awesome, but the media love over hyping this kind of thing, the 14 year old chinese kid playing at Augusta was better.
New Posts  All Forums: