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  Thought this might tickle a few of you guys
I'm a fan, when I watch the golf on TV, I want to see some exciting golf, non standard shots etc. and Bubba provides it!   The caddy situation is abit distasteful, but it's probably like most sports, once they get off the course, I'm sure there's no ill feelings, he's clearly happy with his job and has been with Bubba for a long time, so they're probably on more than good terms.   It'd be boring if everyone was like Luke Donald or something!
I thought this, he may have even meant to say, he feels like he's playing like a top 5 player, which wouldn't be a bad thing to say either. It's tough speaking on camera, especially for a young guy who hasn't done it that many times, he probably just wasn't thinking straight because of nerves/adrenalin/happiness etc. You always realise how good presenters etc. are on camera, when you see someone from the public get interviewed, and they come across as a complete brainless...
How do you score so high OP? What I mean is, is it losing alot of balls and hitting hazards?   I think almost anyone can score under 100 with practice, if you learn to not lose strokes from slicing it into the woods, hazards, and topping it down fairways, it shouldn't be a problem.   I guess it's easier said than done though.
This is something everyone in the UK does, Bubba likes the style.
Well done, you're an exception. Also being a pro, I'd expect you to shoot 85 on a good day. I'm talking about the 9 handicaps who said they could shoot below 90. I just think that almost everyone in here is thinking they could shoot 8-10 shots less than they actually would. BUt yeh, I can't tell people how to think can I Edit: then again, I know how good a good player can play, i.e. you can easily avoid ever giving away penalty shots by playing a little safer than usual...
Are you guys talking like you will play your A game 100% if you played Augusta? It sounds like it the way some of you think you could shoot 85 or something.   Think like this, some guys this week shot 80+, now do you think your A game is just as good as one of these guys C games or how ever you want to refer to it as?    It's highly unlikely.
I think most of you guys are overestimating how well you would play/score.    
There's not much love for Bubba in here, has he done things I'm not aware of?   Admittedly  I don't see the golf every week.
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