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This seems obvious, but have no courses ever thought about changing gaps depending on how many is in a group. Something like 6 minutes for a single, until the next group tees off, 8 for 2 ball, 10 for 3 and 12 for 4. It seems obvious to me, but the courses I play on sometimes don't even ask how many are playing when you book a tee time.
Well this just become relevant, and I've posted in the slow play thread.   I used to play all the time on my own, on a 28 hole course which was dead the majority of the time, now I'm at a public council course where you simply can't play on your own because you'll spend 3 hours waiting on tees.
Well, I finally know what all the pace of play who har is about.   I used to be a member of a secluded 28 hole championship course, but it was abit too far away, and physically exhausting to play, so me and my friend joined a much cheaper, closer, public council course.   The course is actually in great condition, fun to play, but I barely ever play because you're never playing a round in under 4 hours.   Today we tried to tee off at 10:15, got to the tee, 4 women...
This seems obvious to me. You've got what is effectively a league table with the top players on top, in the fedex cup, and 2 or 3 of them aren't here. 
Sky Sports in the UK did a thing where they interviewed all the players, abit of fun, asking them what they would do with certain things, Scottish slang for things etc. Obviously they didn't know what it was, which is why it's abit of fun, Reed came across as a cool chappie.  Mickelson on the other hand, I hope he was having a joke, but he literally said "I don't know what..... is, so I can't answer that question"   I think I like Reed more than Phil after seeing that.
Oh lawd, Reed missing that after Kaymer has missed so many chances.
Nice to see your boy doing well, hope he takes this down.
I flew a 7 iron about 150 to about 1 inch from the cup, hit the flag and bounces away, huge pitch mark.   I had another role about 3 or 4 inches past, leaving a short putt.   One day!
He's gonna be one to watch in the Ryder Cup
Surprised this thread doesn't have more interest, although we haven't got to the last round yet.   $10 million prize money, McIlroy joint leader going into the final round, what isn't interesting about today
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