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Oh lordy
I'd love to drive up there tomorrow, 4 hours and only $15 in.  No one to go with, 
Then again, I don't know, it's different, and that was OK actually. I think my mind is tainted because it was awkward the first time bubba won it I think, some handshake awkwardness, and an awkward interview I also feel like it's abit too underwhelming for the occasion, but this is golf, not football/football
Haha i've been thinking this everytime he was doing his hair, even though he had a cap on.  I'd get some hair plugs if I were him
I love the masters, but this presentation is always absolutely painful to watch.    But tradition is tradition.
Oh lordy lordy, another birdy
No one is even close to Jordan either, let's hope Justin Rose turns it on so we can have abit of competition. 
I didn't really watch golf too much in my younger days, when Tiger was in his hay day, but it feels like he was like what Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are like in football/soccer now, they are just GOATers who will never be beaten. 
This seems obvious, but have no courses ever thought about changing gaps depending on how many is in a group. Something like 6 minutes for a single, until the next group tees off, 8 for 2 ball, 10 for 3 and 12 for 4. It seems obvious to me, but the courses I play on sometimes don't even ask how many are playing when you book a tee time.
New Posts  All Forums: