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Looks like all the guys on tour will be dumping their women now seeing Rory's results the past 6 weeks.
I love Rickie ever since he did those insurance adverts.   Wonder what Butch has been feeding him before these majors
Oh lawd, Rory!
McIlroy missing a green with a 9 iron. He's done
The perfect ending to a major is going to be spoiled because they couldn't just check the weather forecast and move tee times forward.   They should have taken note from The Open
What's worse? A commercial every 5 minutes, or having Butch Harmon stare at you all the time
 All true, I don't feel compassion myself, I just think, ah well, you effed up big time buddy. People go on about what addiction is and how you don't know until you've experienced it, blah blah, but it's funny, I'm not addicted to coke, like 99.999999% of people in the world, because we didn't go mental and get coked up for a laugh all the time. I don't hold drug taking against anyone, but everyone knows the risks, play with fire........ If this guy banged my wife I'd...
You can feel compassion for the guy, but also say, it's all his own fault.   No one knows how they would react in his situation, I honestly think quite a large % of us would get into sticky situations similar to this given enough chances.  He's rich, successful, travels all over the world to amazing places, basically the perfect life for some 20 year old guys.     There's no excuses for him really, when it comes to the drug taking, he's rich, it was there, he liked it...
When I shot my best round ever, +2 total. Started double, bogey, bogey, then played the rest of the round in -2.   This was last summer, not sure I'll ever be able to put so many sub 80 rounds together again.
What?! Why would you just leave your $25 when no one hit the green? I can't fathom why you'd do this?   Sounds like you just didn't ask for it back or something, and went on your merry way.   I'd agree you didn't drive the green since the ball didn't stop, kind of like longest drive has to be on the fairway
New Posts  All Forums: