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Read Hogans Five Lessons. He used to hook his misses, until he became the master and simply stopped missing. ;) His principles will prob cure your hook... Most important being start the downswing with a hip turn, then shoulders, then arms, then hands.
Called a "Dick out" around here. Just a joke and not done besides maybe an occasional bachelor party or other drunken golf outing.
I followed these 2 rules and putted lights out last night. Thank you.
Nice. Find the freshly mowed fields for best practice and fewer lost balls.
Something that has helped me lately to get the club at the correct place at the top is Nick Faldo's YouTube tip/drill on the take away. I am on my phone so don't have link, but is easy to find. A DRILL he recommends is standing at address, turning hands 90 degrees so club is parallel to ground and parallel to target line, then just turn your shoulders. Now you are positioned perfectly at top of backswing. When I am worried my backswing is getting off plane, I might do...
Congrats! I can relate over last few weeks. Feels great. Keep it going!
Assuming your grip isn't too strong, focus on a good hip turn. Hard to come over top with good hip turn. Downswing is started with turning hips, then shoulders, arms, hands in that order. As long as I make good hip turn, neutral grip, and swing down target line, then I keep from hooking.
My local course doesnt have a driving range (no range within 40 mins), so I have been taking advantage of a local soccer field to practice my short irons. Really seeing improvement in all aspects of golf game (except putting- my new focus).
After studying and working CORRECTLY on my game this summer, I think I am about to drop into single digit handicap for 1st time of my life. Answering your question in %'s as you originally asked I'd say, to improve at golf: 50%= learning the correct fundamentals (for starters study the book Hogan's 5 fundamentals... It's the bible. I attribute most of my recent improvement to it.) 30%= commitment to practicing these fundamentals and working hard to improve in general....
Agree, the hollow of my left arm facing up at address is a key for me. Doing so keeps my left arm straight and probably keeps that triangle together better as you mention.
New Posts  All Forums: