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I recently purchased Ping i20's irons fitted at 4.5 degrees upright and +1" length.  I like them and am getting used to the fitted dimensions.  Now I want a new 56 degree wedge with the same custom dimensions (4.5 degrees upright and +1" length).   I'd prefer a 56 degree Titliest Vokey or the Ping i20 SW (maroon dot) with these alterations.  There are no nearby golf stores to drive to in my area.  Is a +1" length, 4.5 degree upright, 56 degree loft wedge something that...
I've had that same "feel it" thought and it helped temporarily. One point of caution, in time that "feel" thought lead me to start casting the club more. You feel the club better and better when casting, buts it's a consistency and power killer. So, combine that "feel" thought with the "pump drill for lag" you'll find on YouTube to ensure no casting. That drill that has helped me more than any other.
You sees many pros thrust jumping? No, they stay down thru and way past impact. That may help with distance but not consistency. That will make you rise up thru impact, instead of steady head. I only say this because after recently videoing my swing, that seems to be what I have done for years, and I'm currently trying to correct it. My best tip would be to video swing and compare to pros with similar builds. Try to do what they do. What you thinking you are doing you're...
Looks like your right elbow at the top of the backswing looks too far out from your body. Keep it tighter to your body. It will allow you to come from the inside better on downswing, resulting in more of a draw swing. Common drill is keeping golf glove under right armpit during swing.
Make sure your clubface grooves are clean too. Sometimes I get lazy and have dirt caked in there. Then kick myself when my pitch rolls farther than I planned.
Read Hogans Five Lessons. He used to hook his misses, until he became the master and simply stopped missing. ;) His principles will prob cure your hook... Most important being start the downswing with a hip turn, then shoulders, then arms, then hands.
Called a "Dick out" around here. Just a joke and not done besides maybe an occasional bachelor party or other drunken golf outing.
I followed these 2 rules and putted lights out last night. Thank you.
Nice. Find the freshly mowed fields for best practice and fewer lost balls.
Something that has helped me lately to get the club at the correct place at the top is Nick Faldo's YouTube tip/drill on the take away. I am on my phone so don't have link, but is easy to find. A DRILL he recommends is standing at address, turning hands 90 degrees so club is parallel to ground and parallel to target line, then just turn your shoulders. Now you are positioned perfectly at top of backswing. When I am worried my backswing is getting off plane, I might do...
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