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HumbleGolfer, Did you get special access or is it open to the public now?  I went to their web site (www.streamsongresort.com) but did not see an opening date.
Thanks zipazoid, now I get it.   I have never worked with a caddie before, I assume on a major course like this it is optional?  If I do have a caddie, what should I tip him?
Thanks for all the responses!   But I was afraid of this, no clear winner here.  But I agree, as I am new to the game, top of the line balls would be wasted on me.  But there seems to a split on mid-price/low-price would be best.   I do like the your comment cooke119 about water on the course.  There is some, so I am sure I will hear a splash or two before I learn to make the ball go where I want it.   Another question: I noticed compression was mentioned, is...
I just visited the Streamsong site and it said the clubhouse and the 2 courses will be opening late this month.  I am looking looking forward to the "resort" part opening so there will accommodations available.  It looks like it will be a very nice getaway location!
I hope this is not a question that gets asked all the time. I am new to the game, even newer to this forum, so please be forgiving.   My question is, which ball do you think is the best for the buck?  I'm sure there is a sweet spot there, but I have no idea myself. I'm sure everyone has their favorite, but is it the one you use day-in, day-out?   Is this agreed upon by most golfers, or is it a subject for hot debate?   Looking forward to the responses!
JT,   Thank you for the feedback, and yes, it does help.  My employer is paying for accommodations at the Marriott, so that is not an issue for me.   I looked up the 17th, and I have see pictures of it before.  It would be fun to play a famous course like that one!  But I am still cloudy as to the difference between Sawgrass Marriott and TPC Sawgrass.  You mentioned TPC Sawgrass is the name of the destination.  Would it be analogous to Disney World being the...
Good morning all,   I am new to the game, starting this past summer, and have some questions I hope someone can help me with!   I am going to the Sawgrass Marriott in Florida (working vacation) and I am somewhat overwhelmed with the choices available.   First of all, according to their (www.sawgrassmarriott.com) they have 8 courses. How do you decide which course(s) to play?  I know they have the pro level courses, but do they have ones for us mere...
New Posts  All Forums: