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I finally got my new Winn grip in the mail today and installed it.  The installation went smoothly, looks and feels like it's on straight.  I'm going golfing tomorrow so if my putting is bad I'm going to blame it on my grip not being aligned. 
I have an ideapad s300 and it's perfect for web browsing.  I don't do any gaming or anything that requires a lot of memory.  I'd highly recommend it to you if you can get it for the right price.  $450 is a bit much for this computer...I got mine for $300 on a cyber Monday deal.
I really need to get paid by them, but like I do so often, check out globalgolf.com. They sell used clubs in really good shape, they won't be new but they will be better then the Pinesmeadows you're currently playing. As others have said though, I would suggest studynig up on different short game shots and how to properly execute them. The clubs may not be the issue, but the could be...you never know!
 If you have the grip and supplies it's really cheap. Never seen it for a buck but I have seen $2 or thereabouts before per club.
 I've regripped a fair share of clubs and am very confident with it, I've just never regripped a putter before. Not that it's expensive, but where I live in South Dakota it ranges from $3-5 per club for labor. That's why I learned how to do it myself!
A 4 and 5 hybrid, and any number hybrid for that matter, replace that numbered iron. They should hit roughly the same distance. I personally don't use hybrids but I know a lot of people who do and they love them. To answer your question in regards to carrying a 3-wood, that is a must have club in my opinion. If you go with the 4 and 5 hybrid set I'd keep the 5-wood in your bag as well. As far as staying with the same brand, despite what my signature says, I have no...
This seems odd to me. As long as you're not putting yourself in harms way and not holding anyone up who is trying to hit on the range what's the issue? If someone leaves a few balls behind are you allowed to hit those or would that also be frowned upon?
Welcome to the forum...alway snice to see another Michigander around here. Where do you play in MI?
Hopefully this works...My work computer sucks so I'm typing this with what I remember from my highschool web design classes! Callaway Diabo Edge 3W I realize that link takes you to the 3W, but save that link and if GlobalGolf gets the 5 wood in you'll be able to check easier. edit: Despite me making that link and copy & pasting it, the link is blocked on my computer! Hopefully it works for you.
Why do want to play something comparable when that one is so nice to you? Check out Globalgolf.com, they sell used clubs in really good shape. If they have it I'd buy it for yourself, if not then start looking into alternatives. Since you're new to the game there is no sense in you going out and buying the newest and greatest club.
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