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Can't do that.  The hazard runs into an O.B. fence so there is no where to drop on that side.
Interesting, I never thought of it this way.  I guess I have been playing this hole wrong for a while, although I've been technically right by re-teeing.  Dropping on this hole will likely result in placing the ball which makes the drop that much better.  Thanks for the answers everyone.
Personally I feel the stream in front should be a water hazard (yellow stake), but in fact the entire stream is marked red.  Makes no sense to me but it is what it is.  Although I suppose if you shanked one short in the water you would just take a normal drop behind the hazard as if it were a straight water hazard so it makes no difference. The picture is poorly done, my MS Paint skills aren't what they used to be!  The stream in front spans all of 20 yards, probably less...
  Rought idea of what the hole looks like.   Point A is commonly where I enter the hazard, and the point I'm referencing in my OP.   Point B is a common miss I've seen as well, short of the green and still in the hazard.   Assuming you enter the hazard on that line (entering straight on is a lot easier to determine where to drop), what are your options?
I'm fairly certain I understand the rule well enough to answer this myself, but just to get an outside opinion on it let me paint a picture of the dilemma.   My home course has a 220 yard Par 3, stream that runs about 50 yards short of the green and then up the left side.  The left side is heavily sloped towards the stream, any miss left will end up in the stream.  Question is, if a ball lands in the hazard what are your options?   The only two options I see here are...
I finally got my new Winn grip in the mail today and installed it.  The installation went smoothly, looks and feels like it's on straight.  I'm going golfing tomorrow so if my putting is bad I'm going to blame it on my grip not being aligned. 
I have an ideapad s300 and it's perfect for web browsing.  I don't do any gaming or anything that requires a lot of memory.  I'd highly recommend it to you if you can get it for the right price.  $450 is a bit much for this computer...I got mine for $300 on a cyber Monday deal.
I really need to get paid by them, but like I do so often, check out globalgolf.com. They sell used clubs in really good shape, they won't be new but they will be better then the Pinesmeadows you're currently playing. As others have said though, I would suggest studynig up on different short game shots and how to properly execute them. The clubs may not be the issue, but the could be...you never know!
 If you have the grip and supplies it's really cheap. Never seen it for a buck but I have seen $2 or thereabouts before per club.
 I've regripped a fair share of clubs and am very confident with it, I've just never regripped a putter before. Not that it's expensive, but where I live in South Dakota it ranges from $3-5 per club for labor. That's why I learned how to do it myself!
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