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My wife just asked what I was doing.  "Looking at porn" I replied.   Nice!
Wow!  I thought I was excessive with three dozen.
No clue other than it was a very high score.   My first round was Summer 1981.   How much do you remember from the Summer of 1981?  
I used to walk/carry all of the time, and I really miss the connection with the course.   Then I hurt my back and started using a push cart.  Still ok, but not as good as carrying your clubs.   Now I live in a golf community and own my own cart.  I haven't walked a course for some time, but I am able to play a lot more frequently.
When I took up golf back during the last century, I was told that the only acceptable comments about another's golf shot are:   "Ball" and "Golf shot".   How can I say nice shot if I have no idea what they were trying to do with the shot?   That being said, when playing with my regular group, we say a LOT more than that.  
If you're riding (not the driver), take your shot and get into the cart.  Put your club back into your bag when you go to pull your club for your next shot.   I'm amazed at how long some people spend simply putting a club back into the bag.   I only do this if the group behind is waiting.  
I have several brands that I have used for a long time...Ping irons, TaylorMade woods...but if I find something I like better, I'll change.   About the only golf brand that I will probably not try another brand to replace is .  Their shoes always fit me and are always comfortable.  I have tried others in the past with disappointing results.  
Wow.  A 144 slope on a 6200 yard course says a lot!  
For several years I too would re-read this book at the beginning of the season.   Now I live in a climate where I can play year round, so there is no beginning or end of the season, but I still pick it up occasionally.   This is the only golf instruction book that I have re-read multiple times.
My lowest score was a 74 on a par 71 course.  My handicap at the time was probably around a 12.   This year I managed my lowest 9 hole score of -2, but couldn't maintain that pace on the back nine, and fell apart to finish with a 78.
New Posts  All Forums: