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That sounds like a good idea. :P
Woods is creeping up to tying Sneds.
Played my fourth 9 hole ever and shot a 53. Not bad for someone who has only played 4 times IMO.
Yeah!!!!!!!!! I am glad to see him turning it around today.
Thanx again. I also think the guitar is awesome.
In the three times I have played I have got to the course at least 30 minutes before tee time.
That would have been a great bet. He is playing some good golf.
I am 13. Thanx for the compliment on my grammar. 
I am so new to the game. I have only been playing a few months now so I am working on just about every part of the game. I guess I am trying to learn the game in general.
I am also cheering for Selanee.
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