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Haven't lost alignment at A4 yet - think it's almost ingrained!    Working on a better position at A6 (hands closer to right thigh from front on view.) I did it well in the past but lost it. Also working on better extension into the follow through.   DTL   FO
I couldnt even figure out how to do a vardon grip lefty...
More Key #4 work. Higher hands at A4, with club shaft laid off. Also trying to get a bigger follow through - I stop my hips way too early.   DTL   FO
I wish my normal swing was that good! 
I made it! I'd recommend evolvr to anyone. Ive been working with them for less than 2 months and the changes have been dramatic.
A4 - before and after working on Key #4.   Swing on the right is after about 30 swings working on Key#4 yesterday. The swing on the left is from the day before.    
  Thanks Erik.   Just fired off a video to Evolvr working on this so hopefully I'm getting it right and then I'll try to get it ingrained 
Controlling Key #4 - diagonal sweet spot path better.   At A4 - higher hands, hands more in front of the body and club shaft laid off.   There's a few swings in each vid.   DTL   FO   Notes:  I was feeling a little chicken wingy in a couple of these swings...
I'm currently working on Key #4 and hand path with Evolvr and just have a quick question.   How deep is too deep at A4?   I need to get my hands a touch higher and I think the way to do this would be to have my hands a little less deep (shallower?) as per the image on the left. I also think that keeping my right arm more in front of my body will help with the 'deepness' too.  
DTL     FO     Getting my hands where I want them at the top - just need to stop the club crossing the line and stop the little drop that flattens my downswing out.     Note : youtube is taking a while to process them...
New Posts  All Forums: