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Not all of Canada is snow and igloos.   90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US/Canada border.   Vancouver and Victoria have very temperate climates.    Spring has been in full bloom for a month now ........ taken yesterday.  
Unbelievable how warm it is so far .... was about 68 degrees when we teed of at 3:30pm.   We finished by 6:40pm so a 3 hours and 10 minute round not too bad.  
Another beautiful day up here in the great white north.      
 I don't think I was being arbitrary. "Double the average family income" may sound like a lot but it really isn't. This is a comparison of raw dollars. So in 1980 the player at 100th on the money list made $33,769 whereas the median family income was $16,354 so the golf pro had $17,451 more in real dollar income vs. the median family. This is before his expenses. This is a comparison to the median family and not to families with professionals like doctors, dentists,...
I golfed with a friend of mine who is a member at another private club.   He plays to a +2 handicap. He was a teaching pro when he was younger and soon realized that he wasn't going to make any money at it so he joined his family's insurance business and was successful enough to retire in his early 50s. (Well I think he would have been able to retire in his early 50s doing what ever job he chose)   We talked about this topic and his opinion was that while he could keep...
Since I had long over stayed my welcome at the "Winter depression" thread I have decided to start a new thread whereby my photos will be on topic.  
In some previous posts there were some comments as to the difficulty of the average LPGA course setup vs. a normal setup for non tournament public play.   I just came across an article written in Golf Canada where my course's superintendent, Dave Kennedy, talks about changes that need to be made for LPGA CP Canadian Open this August:   http://www.golfcanada.ca/blogs/article/gordon-golf/season-guardians-greens/   In terms of “heat,” this summer brings significantly...
 Agree 100%. Until the 90's the average PGA "journeyman" would have made double the average family income, today they would make 20 times the average family income. If they can manage to make cuts and stay around the 100th position on the money list for 5 or more years they would be able to set their family up for life. Then they could retire to a nice country club job until the Champion's tour rolls around and they would give it another go.
Drove the summer car to the club and played under bright sunshine and 60 degrees.  
Some interesting facts:   US median household income in 1980 dollars $16,354 in 2012 adjusted dollars $46,995   US median household income in 2012 $49,486   Source - http://www.davemanuel.com/median-household-income.php   So the average family income increased by $2,491 from 1980 to 2012 in adjusted 2012 dollars.     1980 PGA earnings:   1  Tom Watson (7 wins) $530,808  (2012 adjusted $1,523,419) 10  Raymond Floyd (1 win) $192,393 (2012 adjusted $552,168) 20...
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