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  Bingo this kind of decision would likely have been made at the Board of Director level of the respective clubs or in Trumps case he likely had a say in the decision.
I would get him an antique or special edition putter.   Something like a original Wilson 8802 -    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Wilson-8802-Putter-Golf-Club-Original-Cerca-1970-/321516606394?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item4adbe213ba   Then I would have it tastefully mounted with an inscription. If the putter can be easily remove from the display frame it would be even better. This way he could use it once in a while.   The biggest problem with this is actually finding a real...
 Bingo to me this is the biggest reason for golf courses closing. In the 1990's and early 2000's a lot of golf courses (Arizona and Florida) were being built to sell real estate. They were not being built purely because of golfing demands. Real estate tanks and the golf course built to sell the real estate closes.
 I respect that you like him and thinks he walks on water but you also have to respect that he comes across as an huge pompous ass to me and based on this forum to others too. I got tired of King's slagging of the USGA and blaming everything under the sun for his perceived demise of golf. So I get to vote with my spending dollars  ....  no more Adidas and TM for me.
Spitfisher - I wonder if it is due to the differing economic situations but here in Vancouver, BC golf seems to be some what healthy.   There is a waiting list of 8 years for full play men at the Capilano Golf & Country Club and the initiation fee is around $90,000 give or take $10,000.   My club has a waiting list of 30 for our full play men but we will go thru that this winter with the expected attrition. What is interesting is that the waiting list for our...
 Got it now. I do see the other side. Thank you for pointing it out. I have been lucky so far in my business life as I have been an owner of my company since I was in my early thirties. I can see that a lot of times the employees of corporations could actually disagree with the direction taken by senior management but have very little to say about changing it. Sorry I didn't mean to come off like an ass. I suspect that there may be some parallels with the staff at my...
 If you like their products then by all means buy them. I don't really understand what you are trying to say with your comment "I don't think that voting with your wallet has the effect it should since corporations and reality are pretty much going in opposite directions" Why would I want to spend my money buying a product from a corporation that I don't like and not spend it with a corporation that I like?
 "They should be if you refuse to do business with a company because you don't like the CEO, celebrity endorser or some non-commercial reason. Plenty of people can be hurt by something outside of their control." A CEO or a company is different than a celebrity endorser. What does "non-commercial reason" mean? I don't see how one can force any kind of change to a company if they continue to buy from a company that they don't agree with. A CEO is responsible for the...
I follow my message therapist's advice and do a LOT of stretching. We have an exercise room at the club so I will ride the bike to get my cardio going then do stretches.   I will then go to the range with my 7 iron and driver. I will hit 3/4 7 irons to get a feeling of making good contact (10 balls at the most). Then three or four drives. That's it.   Then I will putt and chip.   After my round I will stretch again.
 I am a hack but I do find that Ping makes the best drivers for me and Mizuno's forged iron feel the best for me when I hit them properly.
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