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Thought that was the forecast for Vancouver. Beautiful day for golf.
 No its the Vancouver Golf Club. 1st hole. The course is actually located in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. We are hosting the 2015 LPGA CP Canadian Women's Open. A video flyover of all the holes -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi2XNNG5_r4#t=35
It is a warm beautiful day here in Vancouver.   Plan on playing at 2:00pm.   Should be around 60 degrees.   Will post pictures from today.   Sorry eh ................
  OK tempting fate here with this reply because the last time I did this we got a big dump of snow in the following week. Karma .... she is a bitch.   Took off early from the office yesterday to get 9 holes in. Temperature was 17C or approx 66F here in greater Vancouver.   Sorry .............
Very simple ..... get to a single digit handicap.   Jan 2014 I was a 16.6 index. Finished in Dec 2014 as a 10.7 index.   I know it is not going to be easy to drop into the single digits but I am game.
I currently own several sets of irons and woods:   Hogan Apex 3 - PW irons - I will probably never use them on a regular basis again as they are blades but I doubt anyone else would want to rent them TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons 4 - AW - will rent out TaylorMade CBG R7 irons 4 - AW - will rent out TaylorMade R9 4 - PW irons 4 - AW - will rent out Ping G25 4 - AW - will rent out Mizuno MX23 - currently in play will not rent out    Cleveland CG Black drivers (9 and...
 I have played the ASU course at least 1/2 dozen times. It is a great course. The proshop has lots of great ASU stuff. Don't know how true this is but I have heard that ASU is planning on closing the course.
Love the look of the Ben Hogan irons.   Really like the idea of using degrees of loft instead of a number on the irons.   The way TaylorMade and other mess around with the loft of the clubs the numbers are meaningless anyways.   I can just dream that they will make them for lefties.
 I only played two of the three 9's and to be honest I don't remember which two but I think it was Desperado and Diablo. We played there on the recommendation of a friend who lives in LV who is a very good golfer. The third nine is Outlaw. I erred in my original review that I liked all three 9's better at Badlands as I only have real life experience on two of them. I have played the Mountain Course a lot more than the Palm Course at Angel Park. I found the Mountain Course...
I used to play Angel Park everytime I go to Vegas.   Now I play Badlands Golf Course which is nearby Angel Park.   http://badlandsgc.com/   IMHO badlands all three 9 holes are better than the Mountain Course at Angel Park.   But the staff at Angel Park are a lot better.
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