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I follow my message therapist's advice and do a LOT of stretching. We have an exercise room at the club so I will ride the bike to get my cardio going then do stretches.   I will then go to the range with my 7 iron and driver. I will hit 3/4 7 irons to get a feeling of making good contact (10 balls at the most). Then three or four drives. That's it.   Then I will putt and chip.   After my round I will stretch again.
 I am a hack but I do find that Ping makes the best drivers for me and Mizuno's forged iron feel the best for me when I hit them properly.
 I agree with you in that I do find it amazing that we golfers are prepared to pay $5 per ball for Pro V's that essentially haven't changed since 2000. To me it is very impressive that Titleist can stay at the top for SO long and without really a big change. You have got to admire this. As for TM well I agree with you on the naming of their golf balls ..... frankly I can't keep up. Here is an excerpt from an article I read on TM balls - What’s In A NameQuite frankly I...
 I sense that you don't like Titleist just as I don't like TM. The Pro V1 has been around since 2000 and doesn't appear to have fundamentally changed since that time (well except for the Pro v1x with 60 fewer dimples). "The Pro V1 made its debut on the PGA Tour at Las Vegas on October 11, 2000, the first week it was available to the pros. A longtime Titleist user, Billy Andrade, won that first tournament with the new ball. The Pro V1 was available to the public by...
 Actually I don't buy Adidas shoes. Not because of Mark King but because I have wide feet and they always seemed too narrow for me. Now I have another reason not to buy them. That's the thing about me when I don't like a product I will go out of my way not to buy them.
 As I have noted in other posts I don't have an issue paying more for a good product. In fact I don't mind paying more to shop at my club pro shop instead of big box retailers.
 My bad I was typing too quickly. I seek a most humble forgiveness from the spelling police. Just not a fan of Taylormade and especially Mark King.
Frankly I would welcome the bankruptcy of Taylormade. It will just make my preferred companies Titlelist and Ping stronger.
 That is what I am observing up here in Vancouver BC, Canada. Wait list of 8 years in the full time men's category at Capilano Golf and Country Club with initiation fees of at least $90,000. (Before everyone jumps all over about the high cost of initiation fees don't forget that here in Vancouver a 50 by 100 foot bare lot in the West Side will sell for $3.5 million everyday and a slightly larger lot with a view will sell for over $10 million so everything is...
Another vote for TRUE LINKS from someone with wide feet also.   The only issues I have had with them are 1) they are not as waterproof as my Footjoy Dryjoys (I have the Ryan Moore Signature Series Rebel High in suede) and 2) amount of grip on wet muddy days.   And my wife thinks they look like clown shoes so sometimes I will even wear them for going out to dinner.
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