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Here in Vancouver we can golf pretty much year round.   My course is closed for probably 4 weeks in total during the winter months (snow or lots of rain).   Just picked up my new set of Galvin Green rain gear (Angus jacket and Alf pants).   Previously owned top of the line Sun Ice and Foot Joy stuff.   Galvin Green is by far the best but a bit expensive.   Ready for winter golf now.
 St. Andrews requires the use of fairway mats from November to March. http://www.standrews.com/Policies Scroll down and you will see the Fairway Mat policy. Looks like a great idea but the strip seems a bit small for high handicapers like myself. We may end up hitting it fat and missing the whole strip.
 I had a similar moment last year. For me it was related to grip strength. You know the saying that you should hold a golf club as tight as you would hold a bird. Well I could never figure that one out. That is until early last year. For me at least, the concept of a light grip was not so much as how light my hand was griping the club rather it was the amount of tension in my forearms. Once I reduced the tension in my forearms I was able to release the club vs. hitting the...
 +1 Golf clubs are tools of the trade. I always make sure that the groves are clean and I wipe them after every shot. No iron covers for me. I never trade in my irons and have at least 7 sets sitting in the garage so resale value is not a concern period. I have started to donate my unwanted clubs to a local organization called "Kids Sport".
Not an expert at this by any stretch but .........   Seems to me that the concept of "pods" or team work is relevant for 8 out of the 28 points.   The 12 head to head points on the last day does not depend on team work. The better player wins period.   The 8 best balls points really does not depend on team work. Say if one of the two players shoots lights out for the whole round chances are they would win regardless of how his partner is performing.   So that...
  Bingo this kind of decision would likely have been made at the Board of Director level of the respective clubs or in Trumps case he likely had a say in the decision.
I would get him an antique or special edition putter.   Something like a original Wilson 8802 -    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Wilson-8802-Putter-Golf-Club-Original-Cerca-1970-/321516606394?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item4adbe213ba   Then I would have it tastefully mounted with an inscription. If the putter can be easily remove from the display frame it would be even better. This way he could use it once in a while.   The biggest problem with this is actually finding a real...
 Bingo to me this is the biggest reason for golf courses closing. In the 1990's and early 2000's a lot of golf courses (Arizona and Florida) were being built to sell real estate. They were not being built purely because of golfing demands. Real estate tanks and the golf course built to sell the real estate closes.
 I respect that you like him and thinks he walks on water but you also have to respect that he comes across as an huge pompous ass to me and based on this forum to others too. I got tired of King's slagging of the USGA and blaming everything under the sun for his perceived demise of golf. So I get to vote with my spending dollars  ....  no more Adidas and TM for me.
Spitfisher - I wonder if it is due to the differing economic situations but here in Vancouver, BC golf seems to be some what healthy.   There is a waiting list of 8 years for full play men at the Capilano Golf & Country Club and the initiation fee is around $90,000 give or take $10,000.   My club has a waiting list of 30 for our full play men but we will go thru that this winter with the expected attrition. What is interesting is that the waiting list for our...
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