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 I  think there are more than a few scratch golfers like Jeff Knox playing in private clubs who have the time and money to practice and play as much as they want. http://nolayingup.com/2014/04/12/jeff-knox-definitely-not-laying-up/ I know of a few guys at my club who are scratch golfers and who have the financial capacity to play and practice daily. One of the guys even told me that engages a sports psychologist that PGA pros use in Phoenix to help with his game.
I apologize if this has already been posted. I have not read thru all 14 pages of replies.   I would think that someone like Jeff Knox would perform just fine on the LPGA tour.   He is the official "marker" for the Masters and has played with Jim Furyk, Craig Stadler, Sergio Garcia, Bubba Watson, Keegan Bradley, Miguel Jimenez, and most recently Rory McIlroy (who he beat by 1 stroke).   The articles below have stated that he has a winning average of greater than 50%...
Frozen pond.     Frozen bunker.     Notice the two golf balls lying on top of the ice.     Hope this makes up for my other posts.
 I gotta say I am certainly glad I don't live on the East side of the continent. I do kinda feel sorry for those guys. Oh well  ......... it is sunny and 56 degrees outside. Going to play a few holes before sunset.
Lihu if I am reading between the lines correctly I think RFKFREAK is saying that perhaps you and I should get in on a group session on sensitivity training. 
The 13th hole. One of the prettier holes at my club IMHO.  
Not 15 years old but 10 years old.   I still play my Mizuno MX-23 that I bought in 2005.
 I would send you some picture but seeing as I am just a posting away from being banned ....... Look up the some yoga pants threads in the thechive.com
 Well that's a difficult one to answer and I hope not to get BANNED over this. The former CEO of Lulu kinda got fired over what I am about to say .......... Wearing yoga pants is a privilege and NOT a right. But when worn by the appropriate lady yeah they are sexy.
 You are absolutely right Bill. All three of our local ski hills (which are on the North Shore and within 15 minutes of downtown Vancouver) have absolutely zero snow and are closed for the season. Normally there would be skiing till the middle of April. The only mountain open is Whistler about 2 hours north of Vancouver. On the other hand its patio season at all the restaurants and the streets are filled with ladies are strutting around in their best Lululemon yoga pants...
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