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 Understand totally. A lot of the poster from the southern US just do not understand the lack of public golf courses in the Pacific Northwest where the golf season is only 8 months max. I googled your club and it looks really nice. I recognized the name cause I think you have a reciprocal with my club, The Vancouver Golf Club.
When ever I am on vacation I usually golf as a single and join as many groups as I can.   I always follow the same pattern.   I stick to my game and keep small talk to a minimum for at least the first 5 or 6 holes.   I let the group that I am joining initiate most of the conversation if they wish.   Usually by the end of the round we have become friends for the day.   I can only remember one time in over 10 years where I sort of had an issue with the group I...
The way the current irons are lofted now I have no idea what a standard distance should be for any iron.   When I switched out from my old Hogan Apex irons to a new set of TaylorMade irons about 10 years ago I thought I had magically gained 10 yards on my irons.   I then realized that the TaylorMade irons were almost 1 club stronger than my Hogans.   So I was fooling myself when I thought that my new 8 iron was going as far as my old 7 iron!
To those who give Reed a pass because he is only 23 ..... well Jordan Spieth is only 20.   He has just place 2nd in his first time at the Masters. I am sure he is just as confident as Reed is but I have not heard Spieth ramble on about being a top 5 player etc etc.   All top athletes have confidence in themselves or they would get to the top but they keep it to themselves.
Rutting elk while playing The Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course in September.
 My normal shot is a draw and my miss shot is usually a low snap hook. If I really try to hit a fade/slice I am successful probably 40% of the time at the most. 40% of the time I will hit it straight. 20% of the time I will hit a double cross. On my course hole number 16 is a dog leg left (I am left handed) and there are woods straight ahead at approx. 220 yds and three big trees right at the dog leg at approx. 150 yds out. I also have a much harder time hitting a...
The OP has a 21 index so it is not far from mine.   If I needed to make a par I would follow the advice of trying to hit a big fade with a 3 wood or hybrid.   But if the OP is like me there is always the risk of a double cross and the ball will end up long and left in the bushes and the result would be a double at best.   If I needed to protect against a big score on the hole, I would hit a seven iron (or which ever club is consistent) to 150.   Hit another seven...
My course actually has 18 of those 15" cups installed on the course !!!!!!!   But they are not used on our regular greens.   They are the cups that we use for our temporary greens in the winter.   As a high handicapper I am not going to enjoy golf more by having a 15" hole.   My problem is not putting but rather getting the ball onto the green.   So will they be proposing a 150 yard long green next?
 I did not know that 10.5 is considered a senior driver loft. I have always considered 9.5 and 10.5 as standard lofts most manufacturers offered. I am a lefty and I can easily find 10.5 degree drivers. Learn something new everyday.
About 7 years ago I played to below a 9 index.   I now have a handicap that is almost double that.   I can tell you the biggest part of my game that I feel has cause me to double my handicap is my approach shots from 150 yds and in.   When I was a single I knew that at least 75% of the time if I was within 150 yds and in the fairway I would hit the green.   So I didn't really need to depend on my short game.   My short game kept me from getting down any...
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