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If your skilled the advantages are immense on most flattish golf courses. X amount of speed = a certain amount of carry and this is why tour pros use a 10 deg at 118 mph and carry the ball a ton and land it soft. For a 65 year old swinging 86 mph who is highly skilled using 5 deg driver will result in a bullet ball with tons or roll and at times 30 yards farther than a 9 degree driver. Now your shaft should still be reg or senior flex and not to heavy either.
These guy hit it 340 now and 280 to 300 with 3 and 5 woods.
A lot of the par 4's on today's courses are in the 470 to 515 average some of em uphill.
The way I see it from a manufacturer standpoint the dg x-100 sl are basically s-300 guaranteed at a lighter weight. The dg sl s-300 would play on average more like a reg flex and I know from experience playing them in the 990's for 7 years. Shafts vary from batch to batch that's why they have tour issue being more expensive and are the best of the batch in terms of consistency. your safest bet is to get dg x-100 sl at .25 over and get your clubs bent 1 deg flat. This will...
Get a used set of titlist 690 mb and re shaft them to your liking then go the fitted and bent to your specs. might cost you 400 vs 1,400. I like the look of the miura 1957 baby blade but because of it's reduced size it will have reduced mass therefore will fly shorter. Im sure with it's low carbon steel it will feel great but who cares if it performs ok or just as good. I think as of 2014 the taylormade tour prefreed looks nice! This is an old thread though so id say...
Wrong i'm talking a pured 5 iron that goes 5 feet over the green and rolls into ob the ball is still playable on grass but past the white stakes. Water is ok makes it hard enough but still worth the risk. Why not have super ob 5 shot penalties just short of the green on certain holes just to make sure you get the ball to the hole...
Golf should have 5 rules: number one play the ball as it lies,two only hazards on the golf course hit if you can otherwise drop it one stroke penalty,three free drops from cart paths ground under repair etc.. four lift clean and place in wet conditions and finally if and where your ball goes ob you must drop within bounds 1 stroke penalty just like a hazard,but with the ob you must drop and don't get the option of hitting it because it's ob.
If you don't own the land then it's impossible around here it's 800k for 0.5 acres in a good area! And like 2.5 million for 12 acres in a so so area.
Without getting to technical here it's common knowledge that a pw head is far heavier than a 3 iron head yet Sergio Garcia can belt the 3 250 yards. Loft from 21 deg to 48 is a huge gap not to mention shaft length. It would be a interesting experiment to make a 500 gram 12 deg driving iron attached to a xxx shaft with a robot swing to see what happens. Thin faced driver with 460 cc actually have very little mass just more spring but can smash the ball. I think with golf...
I will add that this is most effective in your irons where it's ok to have a light shaft in your driver the sweeping violent swing and the mass and shape of modern driver heads make it forgiving enough to go after it and achieve as much speed as possible. better to swing at 110 mph and miss it on the toe then swing at a consistent 100 mph with the same toe hit. Sure were trying to hit it dead center everytime but drivers are very forgiving these days so just go after it.
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