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I played Pelham Bay on Saturday and Douglaston on Sunday. Shot 110+ both days :/ my goal is to break 100 this year, thought getting an early start would be a good idea. Only 18 putts on the back 9 on Sunday, so I guess that's a step in the right direction.
2013 Sun Mountain Four 5 Stand Bag on closeout, cant wait to get it out on the course.
According to golfnow and golfzing, Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx and Dyker Beach in Brooklyn are open. I'm looking forward to checking out the new clubhouse at VC, supposed to be pretty nice.
I know its not great, but shot my lowest score ever yesterday, 49/57 for a 106 (I'm usually around 113-117).  Second shot on the first hole stuck it 6 feet from the pin, of course I went on to two putt.   Dyker Beach Golf Course Brooklyn, New York United States June 29, 2013 Stroke Play 69.4 / 116White Tees 37.0Course...
This is the sort of thing that causes pace of play issues:
Chipped from off the green today, ball would have gone in but it was held up between the pin and the perimeter of the hole.  Obviously falls in when the pin is pulled, is there a special ruling for this?
Saw these balls at golfsmith today, 24.99 for a double dozen.  Anyone ever use them?  Should I just stick to my top flite D2s?
Shot a 52 on 9.  Only lost 1 ball.  Making Progress.
I have a stock burner super fast 2.0 driver, think it's 46.5", thinking about getting it cut to 45.5" at golfsmith. Should I worry about swingweight or anything, or will they make sure to adjust whatever needs adjusting?
So I was at the range a couple weeks ago, just got to post these videos now.  I've been trying to work on the one plane takeaway highlighted in post #7 above.   Of the video I got (forgive the poor quality, I had my iPhone propped up by my sneaker sitting on top of my golf bag), I have one swing that I thought was better, and one swing that I thought was worse.   Better:          Worse:  
New Posts  All Forums: