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Right, when I first saw that I went and checked their website, hes not listed as an instructor anymore.     http://www.chelseapiers.com/gc/academy/golf-pros.cfm   If anyone knows otherdfwise, please do let me know.   Edit: A quick google search revealed hes now at his own place in lower manhattan.     Anyone have any other experience with any of the instructors at the piers?
Bumping this as I'm looking for instruction in the NYC area.  Anyone have any good feedback on anything in the area?  My transportation access is limited, so the closer to the city the better.   Thanks
Thanks for the feedback, I think part of me just wants to see if there's actually any difference between the gigas and the major manufacturer clubs, figured I'd start out with an older used set that way when I was ready to get properly fitted I'd have a bit more confidence in my decision to go with a major brand. Im a realistic person, I don't expect my ball striking to improve overnight just because there's a different logo on the club. Also, I know I only mentioned TM...
Are there major differences in forgiveness between irons from a few generations back (burner+/burner 2.0/RBZ HL) and todays rocketbladez, speedblades, etc?  I'm currently gaming a set of irons from gigagolf (gx944) and I'm considering getting a used set from a major brand off ebay.     Thanks
One other question, I'm a high handicap, and relatively short (5'8"). Should I just get the stock shaft cut down to 44 inches from 46 instead of replacing it?
Thanks, I just picked up a TM Jetspeed driver to replace my burner SF 2.0, and I'm thinking the stock shaft might be a bit too long.
Anyone have any good places to get a driver reshafted in NYC? Should I just take it to golfsmith? Thanks
I played Pelham Bay on Saturday and Douglaston on Sunday. Shot 110+ both days :/ my goal is to break 100 this year, thought getting an early start would be a good idea. Only 18 putts on the back 9 on Sunday, so I guess that's a step in the right direction.
2013 Sun Mountain Four 5 Stand Bag on closeout, cant wait to get it out on the course.
According to golfnow and golfzing, Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx and Dyker Beach in Brooklyn are open. I'm looking forward to checking out the new clubhouse at VC, supposed to be pretty nice.
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