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They have the number to the pro shop and the beverage cart on all the golf carts at one of the courses here in NY and it's great. Problem on the course? Call the pro shop. Need a drink? Call the beverage cart. It's a nice setup.  
I just got a New Odyssey Metal-X D.A.R.T 34" putter for 132.00  
Anybody else notice the double or triple hit the guy makes when he actually hits it in the end?
  Really? I didn't know that. Is that for all of GolfNow or just in Ohio. I did a quick search in Ohio for tomorrow and got rates at 3 different courses....... 18 holes with cart tax included for 13,16, 17 or 18 bucks.
Another vote for the scorecard here, I tried an app with my iphone but it was too slow.  
Do you ever check the rates on GolfNow?   http://www.golfnow.com/columbus
Good thread/poll,   I voted 5i, I'm just learning and I only take 2 clubs at a time to the range. I started from the lofted clubs (A,PW), (PW,SW), (SW,9i),(9i,8i) etc. until I'm confident to move up to the next club. Took me two trips to the range to finish with the 8i,7i so next trip will be the 7i,6i combo. On the course I'll use the 4H instead of the 5i.  
 Hi,   I was wondering if anyone ever used the Callaway 1 Pro stand bag, I can't find any info on it ie. how old are they and what is the comparable current bag that Callaway makes.
Hi,   Take a look at your footing, the spread apart from each other is good but your left foot is too far forward aka too close to the ball. With that foot anchored in that position you can't come around far enough and follow through properly. It works with the driver because it's a longer club. Good Luck, Glenn
Just one for me it's an old Ping Model 1-A. Looking at the new Odyssey D.A.R.T Metal-X though  
New Posts  All Forums: